About Marie and my Luxury Travel and Lifestyle blog

Hi, I’m Marie and I’m from the UK.  Welcome to my luxury travel blog! I love to travel,explore, write and I’ve circled the globe many times and still have many more places on my wish list.
I hope to share my tips for luxury travel. Unlike many other luxury travel bloggers, I simply write about my everyday life – aware that I am very, very lucky to live this lifestyle.

I am writing a book and also write for various magazines around the world.  I accept invitations for trips, events and so on, if they fit with my luxury brief.  Please don’t ask me to write generic articles, I only write about things I have experienced and can recommend to my readers.

I try and ‘give back’ with my charity work. I will share this as time goes on. I will always write for my favourite charities for free.  Meanwhile …

My Luxury Travel Rules:

1. Travel in style! Essential but not necessarily expensive. Luxury does not necessarily involve money – a moonlit walk along a beach is the ultimate in luxury for most city dwellers and is FREE.

2. Stress-free. Life is too short – make everything as uncomplicated as possible. We all feel stressed by different things in life., make sure you address the issues that affect you while travelling. For me, this means flying business or first class (I’m too old for budget flights, unless they are very short!). Splurge on the most extravagant hotel or villa that you can afford, it will be worth every penny.

3. Enjoy! The MOST important.

Let’s explore the world together!


This month: May 2017

I’m enjoying the Cannes Film Festival, look forward to sharing my adventures with you here!  Later this week I will be at the Monaco Grand Prix and next week the Monaco Fashion Week.  The St Tropez so a fun time ahead.

What a great trip to Morocco! I had a great time on a Diva Road Trip.  I hope you enjoy reading my Morocco blogs and find them useful too!

and then ….. we will see! I am receiving some exciting invitations.  What about you? I want to know what you are doing.  Let’s follow each other on instagram?

Coming up May 2017

France and Italy

I will blog about the best places to go and fun things to see, I can’t wait!  I hope you will add to my suggestions.

Disclaimer: Some of the products and clothes are gifted to me.  I only accept gifts from companies that I love and use all the time.  If I write about something and say I like it, I really do like it and use it.   Also, some of my trips are invitations or subsidised.  I only go to places that I really like so my recommendations are always impartial.