Adrian’s Bike Ride for Charity from Santiago to Toronto

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Sometimes you find that someone captures your interest and imagination on Social Media.  Adrian is one such very special person! He is undertaking an epic journey 15000km on a bike from Santiago in Chile to Toronto in aid of a special charity. I will be following his journey on social media with awe and admiration! I know you will all like to hear his story, so here goes:

Adrian Marziliano:

My name is Adrian Marziliano. I am 29 years old.  I was born in Toronto, Canada but grew up in the Central Valley of California.  I studied Business Management with a major in Finance at Ryerson University in Toronto.  After university I went to flight school and got my private pilots licence.

My hobbies include, cooking, travelling, eating, ice hockey, mountain biking and anything to do with flying.  I have been living in Santiago, Chile for the last 2 years.  Learning Spanish and travelling around Chile and parts of South America. It was here in the Santiago Hills that I really fell in love with mountain biking (as a substitute for ice hockey).

My main motivation for this ride is my mother.  She passed away in June 2010 from colon cancer.  I was holding her hand when she took her final breath, and from that instant I always knew I wanted to do something to honour her life.  This explains the name for my ride  hashtag ridehomeforRosemary.

Within the last 6 years since my mothers death, 5 other family members and friends have passed away from cancer.  As if my mothers story was not enough motivation!  Since there are already a lot of large events and fundraisers aimed at finding a cure for cancer, I chose to support palliative care to help patients who may not have a chance at a cure or whom are suffering from pain and other symptoms related to their treatments.  I chose to support The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation (Toronto) because my mother received her treatments and palliative care from the hospital there.


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I chose this route to symbolise my return home.  I moved to Chile in an attempt to escape my life in Toronto and to do a bit of soul searching.  This route is one of the most direct routes possible from Santiago to Toronto.  To me, it symbolises coming home and closing a very large chapter in my life.

I plan to average about 50 k a day and the route is just shy of 15000k, so I’m expecting something like 300 days.  This will, of course depend on my health, the weather and any bike issues I may face.

Dreams for 2017

My dream for 2017 is to inspire others.  I really hope to make a difference with this ride and I am hoping to inspire others to break out of their shell and do a bit of exploring.  My dream is that people will see my posts and will decide to support a cause they have always wanted to get involved in.

Travel Essentials:

I have tried to keep my kit fairly light and simple for the ride.  My most important item is my phone to update and take photographs, use GPS map and keep in touch with family., My passport (to cross the 12 borders I will pass) and perhaps my Spork (I plan on trying a lot of new great new foods and of course I ned to eat to maintain energy.  I am going to try n 2 new gadgets to help me on my way.  A gremlin GPS Bike computer (Gremlin Edge 820) and a GPS tracker to be able to post my location on Social Media.

Information and Donations:

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  1. November 10, 2016 / 2:18 am

    What an amazing thing to do. I lost my father to cancer, and he was an avid cyclist. He would have loved this!

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