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My guest blogger is the beautiful and talented Arianne from Ariannes Travel Journal.  She is one of my favourite travel bloggers, make sure you read her blog! I can’t wait to read about her fabulous trip, exploring Arizona! Enjoy ….

Sanctuary Resort and Spa, Hilton Pointe and The Four Seasons Scottsdale Arizona:

I have found that many do not see Arizona as one or the few that do know Sedona and that is about it.
I am here to tell you about Scottsdale. If you are an avid golfer you already might have heard of this golfer’s winer paradise but if you aren’t perhaps this desert city has passed you unaware.

I just spent 10 days in Scottsdale and had a wonderful luxurious experience. Trying to find a place to escape the autumn blues I needed sun, I needed pampering and I wanted to wow by my meals!

I started my adventure by visiting Sanctuary Resort and Spa followed by the Hilton Pointe and finalizing with the Four Seasons Troon

Find below my gallery with my particular thoughts on each place I visited:

Sanctuary Resort and Spa, Arizona:

Kicking off the vacay in style with the largest infinity pool the state of Arizona has to offer!


Infinity Pool

Ready for my meal, expectations are high at this award-winning Elements restaurant. Their menu includes an array of farm-fresh American Cuisine with Asian accents and their Chef is award winning celebrity chef: Beau MacMillan

The art is in the details: Love the yin and yang salt & pepper dishes

img_0839Yin and Yang

Looking so simple yet it was one of the most memorable dishes I had in my trip, make SURE to order the shishito peppers! flavorful, delicious and not spicy. The bowl is quite big but it leaves you wanting more, they are addictive!

img_0842Shishito Peppers

For Main course we had the bento Salmon box and the Ahi tuna “pizza” they were both delicious. I would say the “pizza” is more of a flatbread. As I write this I wish I had them in front of me. The generous pieces of delicious ahi tuna and the perfectly cooked salmon leaves you with a happy full! Not your typical overly heavy American dishes. I was happily impressed and glad I had a little tiny room for dessert!

img_0846Main Course

The final course! We got both autumn inspired desserts: The brown butter gingersnap tart and the pumpkin cheesecake. I cannot say which one I preferred but they were both out of this world!


Now off to the Spa. This is the entrance to their gym. Isn’t it beautiful? Almost makes me want to work out… almost!


Spa entrance

Finally relaxing at their indoor Jacuzzi after an invigorating experience in their Eucalyptus sauna this was a great way to end the day!


Overall the resort was exactly as its name suggests, a Sanctuary on a beautiful mountain in the middle of a city. Beautiful and peaceful, easy to reach and incredible food! I look forward to staying there next time and hopefully rating their rooms. Now off to the Hilton!

Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort:

Although brief I had a full experience here at the Hilton. Got to experience their rooms, their breakfast buffet and their lazy river, which I must say it is a great family entertainment!


Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, Arizona


Lazy River at Hilton Phoenix Arizona

Wonderful staff and very attentive, here I am going down the lazy river.


Arianna enjoying the Lazy River
Last stop… The famous Four Seasons!

Four Seasons Hotel Scottsdale, Arizona


As you know details mean a lot to me and a bar of complimentary coffee and (divine) muffins in the morning really catches my eye and stays with me when remembering why I loved a place. This was a great first impression.


Four Seasons Hotel Scottsdale, Arizona

Cozy yet impressive beautiful lobby where we received fantastic customer service


Away from it all we started our morning with a hike in their premises, where we encounter some majestic cacti!


After our hike appetite had open and we had a delicious meal at their restaurant “Proof” It had a casual vibe with beautiful views of the mountains. We really felt far away from it all.


Delicious food Proof Restaurant

We are sooo ready for our spoiling time. We both had 80min facials with wonderful experienced ladies that made us feel 10 years younger!


Spa Treatments Arianne and her Mom enjoying the Spa

Feeling revitalized! Look around me… How beautiful is this place?

img_1035Four Seasons Hotel Scottsdale

Ended the day with a dip in their adult pool! They have 3 different pool areas depending what their guests are looking for. I must say the Four Seasons in Scottsdale had a wow effect I wasn’t expecting, I was expecting luxury of course but it was so much more. Look forward to return in the near future and exploring it further. Thank you to the team for making it an unforgettable experience!



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