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The beautiful countryside of the Burgundy region of France



Olivier Leflaive

My family spent a delightful lunch at the Leflaive Restaurant in Puligny Montrachet.  M. Leflaive is such an interesting and knowledgeable winemaker, it was a privilege to meet him.  He kindly answered my usual ‘Chat’ questions.

What do you love about Puligny Montrachet?

The vineyards around Puligny Montrachet.

What inspires you?

Good music and a good dinner with Burgundy wines

What do you hope 2016 will bring?

A good vintage!


The Vineyard tour

Dad and Stephen were lucky enough to go on a tour of the vineyard tour and then went on a cellar tour with M. Leflaive.  This is their report:


The tour was very instructive, firstly i was surprised at the number of vineyard plots owners some only a couple of rows. The vines had just been pruned. The style being a la baguette,only one long cane and a small one for the following years growth. We were taken to a special spot on a crossroad where village wines were behind us, Grand Cru to the left and Premier to the right. Different soil types and price!

M.Oliver Leflaive then escorted us around the cellar. Here, there was total dedication to generations of knowledge and experience. The same methods over the centuries.  Grapes being hand picked in the field and hand sorted on arrival at the cellar. Only oak barrels used which are regularly stirred and refilled to allow for evaporation.  The wine is then only bottled when all the taste members agree the wine is ready,  As M. Leflaive pointed out wine making is easy but making good wine is the difficult part!


At 85 years of age I have at last discovered, what for me, is the epitome in Chardonnay wine making at the vineyard of Olivier Leflaive at Puligny Montrachet in Burgundy.  Superb, with absolute dedication to excellence based on generation upon generation of knowledge and experience working such an exceptional terroir.  M. Leflaive described to me the many and varied complexities in producing wine of such exceptional quality –  a lifetime of achievement to give lasting pleasure.

They both had a great time and recommend the tour and the lunch!


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