Insider London – Book Review

Insider London

Insider London by Rachel Felder

Published by Harper Collins

“A man who is tired of London is Tired of Life” So said Dr Samuel Johnson.  These are very wise words indeed!  I have lived in London and visited all my life and still cannot wait to visit again to explore some of the hidden gems in this book! This is my review of an excellent and useful book that I recommend you buy before a visit to London.

It is eclectic and diverse with everything from old favourites to small and quirky museums, shops, Cafes, restaurants and hotels.  The best Parks, gardens and open Spaces also feature in the book.

Insider London

Art Galleries, live music venues.  There is literally everything possible for a fun and interesting trip to London all neatly divided into different categories.  Every cool, insider shop address and some small new discoveries.  I want to visit James Smith and buy a Parasol!  Who knew where to buy the best umbrellas and Parasols?  Where would you find the best markets to visit?  Read the book and find out.

Insider London

I cannot wait to try some of the new restaurant recommendations that feature along side some old favourites.  The best bars? Well, an old favourite of mine is The Connaught Champagne Bar but I also want to try some of the new bars featured in the book.

Insider London 

I like some of the hotels, some I have never heard of before.  Read the book and find out which ones you like.  Then you can find some small museums in another chapter.  Who knew you could see the skeleton of  a British Monarch and his wife? Read the museum section!

Insider London is a very good guide to the most stylish shops, Restaurants and Cultural Experiences.  You can buy it online at or in bookshops Stateside now and in the UK from May.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Congratulations to Rachel Felder for writing such a great book!

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