L Raphael Lunch at Cannes Film Festival 2018

PHOTO: Arriving for lunch with L.Raphael

Do you ever have that feeling of being in the right moment at the right place at the right time?  Well, The Hotel Martinez during The Cannes Film Festival is just that place!  Cannes has a special atmosphere during the Festival, the air crackles with excitement and electricity.  L. Raphael beauty Spa are right at the heart of the Cannes action! It is so fun to be just a small part of this moment in time.

L.Raphael are based in The Martinez Hotel Cannes.  A super luxe spa, with state of the art beauty treatments up on the seventh floor.  I enjoyed a wonderful day during the Festival, with L Raphael and it was such a pleasure and privilege.  We started with a Champagne reception on the Spa terrace overlooking Cannes.

PHOTO: Dr Benayoun from L.Raphael who was a delight to meet 

I met so many interesting people at the event, including the Raphael family and some of the glamorous guests from as far afield as Russia and all over the world.

PHOTO:Dana Zarmon, Yarfit Raphael, Svetlana Kamynina and Ronit Raphael 

A superb lunch on the Martinez beach followed drinks on the terrace.  A perfect setting, good company and a delicious lunch.  Who could ask for more?

PHOTO: L. Raphael lunch on Hotel martinez Beach (photo by L.Raphael)

A perfect massage on the beach:

PHOTO: Enjoying my L Raphael massage on the beach with therapist Fabienne

A perfect end to my day with L.Raphael? Well, that would be my superb massage with L. Raphael therapist, Fabienne who is an experienced and expert massage therapist.  Make sure to visit L.Raphael Beauty Spa and indulge in some beauty treatments when you visit cannes.  Here is the website: L. Raphael

Thank you very much everyone at L Raphael and Sylvie Burnet, who is the most amazing PR organiser.  Enjoy the rest of the your stay in Cannes!