Metaxa 12 Star a divalicious Greek Spirit

metaxa-mike-hornMike Horn Metaxa Brand Ambassador

Metaxa 12 Stars, an intoxicating alcoholic aperitif from Greece and Mike Horn, ruggedly handsome explorer, are a match made in heaven really.  So, when an invitation arrived to explore Metaxa 12 Stars at a tasting it was too good an opportunity for your Luxury Diva to miss!  Sadly Mr Horn was off exploring, but Metaxa was a delicious revelation.

Have you ever tried Metaxa, a splendid drink from an iconic Greek spirit house? No I had never hear of it either.  However, if you are invited round to my house you will definitely be served a glass!  It is my new favourite apero and at 40% proof my guests will soon be very merry indeed!  Metaxa is a blend of aged distillates and fine Muscat wine from the Aegean islands.

metaxa_bottle_boxBeautiful new bottle of Metaxa 12 Stars

A deliciously warm and spicy amber liquid that sensuously reveals fragrant notes of toasted oak wood, fruits and spices.  Hints of dried orange, dark cocoa , honeyed figs and prunes and spices delight the senses.

Live Tasting:

The tasting was held at The Apartment, Hoxton Holborn Hotel, a chic urban hotel in London.  A welcome cocktail of Metaxa 12 stars and ginger ale was a very nice welcome indeed.  Followed up by a tasting of Metaxa over ice with a professional ice carver and a beautiful ice sculpture which encased a bottle of Metaxa 12 stars.


Metaxa 12 Stars Tasting

A visit to the Metaxa 12 stars sensory room followed a live tasting complete with a tasting of the fresh ingredients and a visual display and video.  Thank you to Metaxa for a lovely evening and the bottle of Metaxa 12 Stars.  We are enjoying sharing it with friends as a new aperitif discovery!

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