Pegasus – London Artist

Photo: Pegasus painting of Naomi Campbell

I absolutely love these paintings by Pegasus.   He is so talented!  I loved my What’s App chat with him and we will definitely have cocktails together when we are both in London at the same time!  He told me he wants to convey a message of love and acceptance in his work.

Pegasus is a North London Street artist well known for painting popular culture’s most recognisable icons to produce great pieces of stencilled art. His work is innovative and, and sometimes controversial. He uses bright, bold colours in his pop-art style stencils, which often include shades of blue, pink and red.

Originally from California, he is heavily influenced by Andy Warhol, Daren West the Neon Artist and of course Banksy.

Pegasus is on Camden Council’s “Do not remove” list, which means his work is protected and you don’t need to walk far in London to discover artwork produced by this talented street artist. St Giles Hotel have chosen to form a creative partnership with Pegasus.

Pegasus spent three months working on the bespoke pieces and two months creating outlandish outfits for the front of house staff. The artist chose to immortalise The Queen, Amy Winehouse, Naomi Campbell and David Bowie in artwork which will be available for tourists and Londoners to see in the  Tottenham Court Road property.

Photo: Pegasus’ painting of The Queen

Each work features a portrait of a London legend holding a dripping paintbrush with a neon, graffiti-style heart behind them, giving the illusion that the subject has painted the portrait.. The heart theme was developed in line with the St Giles Hotels charity, Hotels with Heart*. St Giles has also commissioned Pegasus to create a unique pin badge, scarf and tie as part of the uniforms, which will be available to purchase with 100% of proceeds going to the charity.

The Pegasus takeover of St Giles London is part of a brand-wide upgrade across all St Giles Hotels in the UK. The group has 11 properties worldwide including a hotel at Heathrow Airport and will soon be breaking ground on a second Central London property on a 1.8-acre site in Blackfrairs. The Tottenham Court Road property is the first to begin redevelopment with renovations of the lobby and guest lounge areas that was completed with the new works of art last month.


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