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Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards

PHOTO: Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards Gala – photo by SSLHLA

The Global Luxury Travel Industry is set to be worth $1.154 billion globally by 2022, a growth of 6.4% per annum, estimated by research companies.  The luxury travel and hospitality industry deserve to be rewarded with a top class award structure.  A prestigious and recognisable award, instantly recognisable within the luxury market.  Seven Stars Luxury and Hospitality Awards are fulfilling this role and growing exponentially year on year and will become ‘The Oscars of Luxury’.

How do Luxury lifestyle and travel customers choose where to go and how to travel  in the competitive market?  How can the top brands really stand out? Obviously, reviews and the number of stars is the first thing people will search for in finding prestigious places to stay.  Targeted promotion on social networking sites is very important and will increase over the next few years.  A prestigious and recognisable industry award system will play a vital part too.  Especially important with emerging luxury customer markets such as China and India.


Seven Stars Luxury Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards will play an increasingly important role in this growing market.   They have transparency and credibility, which is absolutely vital in the competitive luxury market.  SSLHLA award under 225 companies worldwide in any given year.  The awards comprehensively cover the luxury travel market from Airlines and Private Jet operators to hotels and Spas, bars and clubs.

Selection and voting start with the Luxury panel who select the nominees.  Voting takes place online and is a totally transparent process, nominees can see how the voting is going and see where the votes com from at the same time. They have an accessible and visible luxury panel of high profile experts who choose the nominees who go forward for the voting process.

SSLHLA does not charge fees for nomination or self nomination, No fees for winners to use the logo or nominee logo no mandatory marketing packages. SSLHLA are quite different to some other award who charge fees for award nomination, have mandatory marketing packages and even charge nominees to attend the ceremony.  They also have many different categories which obviously dilutes the prestige of winning an award.

PHOTO: Seven Stars Luxury and Hospitality Awards Gala – photo by SSLHLA

A fabulous black tie Seven Stars Luxury and Hospitality Award Gala takes place every year, the winners are invited to this Gala and receive their awards.  There are no fees to attend the Gala ceremony or collect the award live on stage at the Gala Ceremony.  2018  Gala awards ceremony will be be a very sought after invitation!

Seven Stars Luxury  Hospitality and Lifestyle Awards  are set to continue to shine in the coming years, A a glittering constellation outshining other award programs in the industry.

Website: Seven Stars Award

About Marie, Luxury Travel Diva:

My love of a luxury lifestyle started as a very small child.  I can remember being taken to Harrods for my new wardrobe of clothes followed by afternoon tea from the age of about five years old.  Travelling with my family to the best hotels from an early age encouraged my  love of a luxury lifestyle and travel continues to this day.  We travel the world exploring new places, emerging markets and share the experiences with our  readers.  I hope you enjoy reading my luxury travel blog http://luxurytraveldiva.com







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