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National Trust Stowe House and Gardens Stowe Buckinghamshire


A day out in the English countryside at National Trust Stowe Gardens and Parkland

Sometimes it is easy to forget about the wonderful places close to home.  I hope visitors to my home country, England, will make the time to see outside London.  Buckinghamshire is perfect for a day trip if you don’t have much time to explore all of England, it is less than an hour from London.

The National Trust looks after many of the ancestral lands and homes in the UK, maintaining and upkeeping whilst welcoming visitors to come and explore.

http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/stowe   One of my favourites is Stowe, Buckinghamshire.


PHOTO: Magnificent, long roadway leading up to the house

Stowe house is now a famous public school which numbers several household names amongst its old pupils.  It is a special place and you can walk around the magnificent gardens, stopping off at all the follies along the way.  The walk include various follies to be admired including my particular favourite, The Palladian Bridge.


PHOTO: My dogs love to take a walk here – one of Freddies’ favourite spots!


PHOTO: Lake at Stowe

2016 marked the 300th anniversary of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown’s birth.  He is one of our most famous landscape gardeners and is responsible for the magical layout of parkland at Stowe.  He started his career here as Head Gardener before moving on to create other famous gardens throughout the land.



PHOTO: Palladian Bridge

Stroll around on your own or take a tour with one of the National Trust guides.  They will tell you all about the fascinating history of Stowe House and gardens built in the 18c by the Temple-Granville family.  The family wanted to create an idyllic landscape filled with temples to complement the magnificent Stowe House .  Unfortunately, the family lavished so much money on the house and gardens and extravagant lifestyle that they went bankrupt.  In 1922 the house was saved from demolition by becoming a school, which it still is today.

Stowe House Preservation Trust looks after the house today.  It is open to the public so check out the National Trust website if you want to visit.


Take a picnic basket with you on a warm day and enjoy a picnic by the lake


PHOTO: Ducks on the lake


Pebble Alcove – take a rest in this sweet little folly

If you don’t feel like a picnic, there is a cafe full of delicious things to eat.  One of my favourites is a cream tea and a doggie Ice cream for the dogs!  I like to take a look at the plants in the plant shop – I’m a keen organic gardener.


PHOTO: Me and Freddie

Make sure to say ‘Hello’ to me, Zarya and Freddie if you see us taking a walk!


National Trust Stowe, Stowe, Buckinghamshire, UK  e.mail: stowe@nationaltrust.org.uk


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