PHOTO: Arriving for lunch with L.Raphael

Do you ever have that feeling of being in the right moment at the right place at the right time?  Well, The Hotel Martinez during The Cannes Film Festival is just that place!  Cannes has a special atmosphere during the Festival, the air crackles with excitement and electricity.  L. Raphael beauty Spa are right at the heart of the Cannes action! It is so fun to be just a small part of this moment in time.

L.Raphael are based in The Martinez Hotel Cannes.  A super luxe spa, with state of the art beauty treatments up on the seventh floor.  I enjoyed a wonderful day during the Festival, with L Raphael and it was such a pleasure and privilege.  We started with a Champagne reception on the Spa terrace overlooking Cannes.

PHOTO: Dr Benayoun from L.Raphael who was a delight to meet 

I met so many interesting people at the event, including the Raphael family and some of the glamorous guests from as far afield as Russia and all over the world.

PHOTO:Dana Zarmon, Yarfit Raphael, Svetlana Kamynina and Ronit Raphael 

A superb lunch on the Martinez beach followed drinks on the terrace.  A perfect setting, good company and a delicious lunch.  Who could ask for more?

PHOTO: L. Raphael lunch on Hotel martinez Beach (photo by L.Raphael)

A perfect massage on the beach:

PHOTO: Enjoying my L Raphael massage on the beach with therapist Fabienne

A perfect end to my day with L.Raphael? Well, that would be my superb massage with L. Raphael therapist, Fabienne who is an experienced and expert massage therapist.  Make sure to visit L.Raphael Beauty Spa and indulge in some beauty treatments when you visit cannes.  Here is the website: L. Raphael

Thank you very much everyone at L Raphael and Sylvie Burnet, who is the most amazing PR organiser.  Enjoy the rest of the your stay in Cannes!





Photo:  Cannes Film Festival 


Have you visited Cannes Film Festival? No, well, it is great fun and well worth a visit. I find it is like entering a parallel universe for a few days!  It is super busy, the town packed with film crews, movie executives, directors, actors and everyone you can possibly think working in the film industry.  Throw hundreds of film enthusiasts into the mix and it is jam packed and buzzing with excitement!

PHOTO: The streets of Cannes during The Film Festival

If you don’t work in the film industry, you will feel a little bit like Alice in Wonderland when she falls down the rabbit hole!  The film industry is all consuming for those connected with the industry and the whole point of a film festival is to sell your film! Everywhere you go people are doing deals, discussing movies and it is all quite extraordinary.

Photo: Crowds waiting outside Martinez Hotel Cannes for movie stars

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at celebrity  filled events ranging to watching movies, parties and even a private viewing in a gorgeous villa.    

How to get Film Tickets:

Well, if money is no object then I suggest you buy one of the many V.I.P packages which give hotel accommodation, VIP access to films and celebrity events.  There are too many of these to mention, just do a google search for VIP Cannes Film Festival tickets and they will pop up.

However, if you are on budget, there are many free screenings and very cheap tickets.  For example tickets to The Director’s Fortnight screenings cost only 8 euros and can be bought from a ticket booth next to The Marriott Hotel.

There are also free movie screenings on the beach every night, so check so those out too!


PHOTO: Zarya and me outside The Carlton Hotel on a busy Croisette

I usually have a VIP pass when I am invited to events.  This is essential if you want to enter the top hotels during the Festival as security is high.  However, the best time to go to sip cocktails and people watch is in the first few days of the Festival.  Security is not as high and you will be able to mingle with the film world.

Do you want to attend celebrity parties? I am invited to a few glamorous events but also find that I have been stopped on The Croisette and asked if I want invites too!  Also, event organisers have found me on my social media too!  So make sure you tell the world you will be at Cannes and you might score some invites!

PHOTO: Traffic free Croisette for Cannes last year

Tips for Cannes Film Festival 2018:

A few tips for you, if you plan to attend this year.

  • The big stars do not stay in Cannes.  The ones who don’t want or need the publicity stay in Monaco.
  • Go early, security really hots up going into hotels etc after Saturday so go for the first few days.
  • Make sure people know you plan to attend and you will receive invitations to screenings, use the cannes hashtags on social media.

Prices shoot up in Cannes so it is a good idea to stay nearby rather than pay inflated price, unless you want to be immersed in the experience totally and pay for it!

Photo:  Zarya and Freddie enjoying drinks at The Carlton Hotel Cannes during the Festival

Yes, my jetset pooches enjoy Cannes during the Film Festival too, they are welcome at all the best places!  They must get photographed a hundred times a day!

Hope my tips and hacks will help and enjoy Cannes Film Festival 2018!

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