I am packing for an action packed September in Monaco.  What new goodies are going into my suitcase?


PHOTO: My gorgeous Hotsquash dress

First up is my gorgeous new evening dress from Hotsquash.  The cut and fit are so flattering and the colour is stunning, don’t you think?  I will wear this to some of my evening events coming up in Monaco later in September and show some photos of the dress at the events!

Take a look at the website, they have some really great clothes! http://www.hotsquash.com


PHOTO: Penclic Computer Mouse

Penclic sent me this super chic mouse to try out.  I love it so much, not least because it is designed for left and right handed people!  We lefties get a bit left out (excuse the pun) sometimes and this is just great. I spend a lot of time on my laptop so it is good to be able to give my fingertips a rest and use this mouse that is held like a pen.

I recommend this especially if you spend a lot of time tapping away, changes the muscles you use in a very positive way.  This is coming with me on my travels to help prevent repetitive strain injury.


PHOTO: Caudalie French Kiss

Caudalie have sent me their latest lip balm called ‘French Kiss”.  I chose ‘seduction’ (what else!!!) and it exactly matches the colour of my lips, which is very clever!  Super hydrating, makes my lips super soft even in the dry atmosphere of an airplan

Tip: If your lips are dry this can mean you are dehydrated so drink some water!

See the top of this page and click on the Caudalie banner to take you to their website.  I love natural products that deliver on their promises.  Caudalie has been a favourite of mine for YEARS and I use so many of their products.


I can never resist Chanel cosmetics and I have such a selection!  Rouge Noir nail polish is a longtime favourite, just bought yet another pot of it!  Trying the new Chanel No. 5 Eau and the latest cream eyeshadow.  These are so good, I have lots of different colours!  Great for travelling too, light and natural tones.

PHOTO: My latest Chanel buys

Well, I hope you are enjoying September! Let’s all have a great month. http://www.chanel.com