What to pack this month?

What to pack this month?  I love to share my latest packing essentials with you!  This month I am off to Greece and France.  Determined to try and take only one suitcase (well, I always say that and never achieve it!).


I gave up on buying paper books years ago.  I always use an online guide BUT I am loving these paper travel guides.  It is so much easier to read than trying to squint at my iPhone plus and much easier to browse through.  The joy of a real book is a rediscovery! I will still download my online guides but these are definitely coming with me on my trips over the next few months.  I will keep you updated!

My Greece guides are now packed and the rest are ready for my upcoming trips over the next few months.  There are some new places I discovered in the Guides.  I found  restaurant recommendations that are new to me on the Cote d’Azur.  Especially interesting are the regional food suggestions for each country.

This month I will be using:

The Rough Guide to Greece and Insight Guides Athens Pocket Guide

TIP: If you buy the Insight pocket Guides you get a free ebook too.

PHOTO: Rough Guides and Insight Guides

I look forward to using my guides over the coming months. A comprehensive guide to the most popular attractions, plus tips on shopping, eating out and many other things.

Book Credits at the bottom of this page


PHOTO: Caudalie Body and Hair Nourishing Oil

I absolutely love Caudalie beauty products!  This is so fantastic, I used half of this bottle in 10 days!  Smells delicious and my skin loves it.  It is a cocktail of powerful plant oils including Grape, Hibiscus, Sesame and Argan plus Shea Butter and patented antioxidant Polyphenols. If you want to try it yourself, click the Caudalie link on the right hand side of this page.

Caudalie are all natural products, not tested on animals and they work!  Packing this in my suitcase and reordering more soon.


PHOTO: Bioderma Photoderm Bronz

What to pack this month? Sun protection! My pale skin burns very easily and needs lots of protection.  Bioderma Photoderm Bronze 30SPF and Photoderm Bronze 50spf Dry oil and Photoderm max 50 Tinted Aquafluid came along on my trip to the South of France in May and are already packed for Greece!

I especially love the Bioderma very high protection Dry Oil, love the soft sheen it gives to my skin.  Bioderma tinted Aquafluid is a new ‘must have’ too!  A golden glow for my face…perfect!

PHOTO: What to pack this month? Using my Bioderma Sun Protection

Rough Guide and Insight guide Credits:

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I’m spending time at my home on the Cote d’Azur this Springtime.  Luckily I drive down from the Uk so load the car with lots of clothes and essentials!  I will share my what to wear tips with you and hope they may be useful if you plan a trip here too. My What to Wear on the Cote d’Azur in Spring!

Basically, take everything you possibly an fit in your suitcases – it can be cold, warm, sunny or rainy at this time of year.  This March we had SNOW on the first day of March!  But things can change very quickly.  Layering is always a good idea here.


Monaco Port wearing Burberry Jeans and Pinko Jacket

Top Tip:

If you are one of those people who insist on packing light, I suggest you wear as many clothes as possible on the flight….No… I’m not joking!

Skincare for Spring 2018:

Firstly, here are my new skincare recommendations for Spring 2018.  These gorgeous beauty products will really improve your skin….just treat yourself!

PHOTO: Caudalie Premier Cru and Reservatrol Beauty products

I have used Caudalie products for years!  Cruelty free, no nasty chemicals and full of natural ingredients  – they also deliver great results and come around the world with me in my suitcase.  From the beaches of Asia to the Sahara desert and even Russia!

The new Premier Cru collection Eye Cream is so good.  You will notice the difference immediately.  Enjoy the bonus of two free gifts too right now!  Take a look at the Caudalie website, click here or on my link on the right. Caudalie

Reservatrol is working miracles too …. lifting and rejuvenating my skin.  I’m just back from the Sahara and Caudalie beauty product kept my skin soft and firm during the trip.

PHOTO: Caudalie Beauty Products

What to Wear?

I have packed my  blue and white striped Nautical style top and evening dress which are just perfect.  I think layering is best at this time of year, a t-shirt then Sweater of Jacket so you can take off some layers if the weather improve as the day goes on.

My Balmain blazer in the top photo is perfect for Spring days.  Burberry jeans are the best fit in the world and come everywhere with me around the world.  I always take some Roberto Cavalli dresses and Kaftans too!

Cafe de Paris, Monaco wearing Nautical Top, Louis Vuitton Sunglasses





Disclaimer: Some of the products and clothes are gifted to me. I only accept gifts from companies that I love and use all the time. If I write about something and say I like it, I really do like it and use it. Also, some of my trips are invitations or subsidised. I only go to places that I really like so my recommendations are always impartial.


PHOTO: Travel beauty tips for beautiful skin when travelling

Travel takes its toll on my skin! Here are some of my travel beauty tips for beautiful skin when travelling.  Dehydration from flying, changes in climate too!  -4 degrees one day and 25 degrees in the desert the following week!  My dermatologist constantly tells me to avoid the sun and so I wear Factor 50 Sun protection and a hat at all times.

Luckily, despite being a sun worshipper in my younger years, my skin is good for my age albeit with some sun damage!  I think this is due to several things:

  1. Genetics
  2. A clean vegetarian/pescetarian diet
  3. Sun protection
  4. Skin Care

You can’t do much about number one! Number two is easy peasy really.  I had spotty skin when I was younger due, I believe, to SUGAR!  Give up sugar and improve your skin.  So, improve your diet and improve your skin.  Also, make sure you drink plenty of water.  Try and avoid drinking too much alcohol (I am still working on this one!).

Sun protection is vital!  Again, I have sun damage from my sunbathing days…. but avoid the sun on my face now and always use Factor 50 sun protection.

Skin care!  This is a good habit I learnt living in Paris in my early twenties.  One of my favourite brands that has been part of my beauty routine for YEARS is Caudalie!


If you do nothing else, cleanse your skin thoroughly and moisturise.  I am trying a new cleansing routine this month. Caudalie instant foam cleanser, which is actually a favourite. Plus make up removing cleansing oil  This is rich and indulgent.  Although I don’t really wear a lot of make up, this gets rid of every little speck of make up and dirt in a gentle way.  All Caudalie products are 0% Paraben, Sodium, Mineral oil and other nasties and they do not test on animals.

Caudalie overnight Detox Oil is helping my travel weary skin rejuvenate overnight.  You will notice results after waking up on the first morning!  I did!  I absolutely love a face mask, don’t you? Slather it on and wash off to reveal fresh skin, its like a miracle.  Caudalie Glycolic Peel will revive you skin.

I always travel with all my beauty routine products!

Two more things for you this month!

Photo: Caudalie French Kiss and Mac Soft and Gentle

Do you think my skin looks extra luminous in my featured image here?  This is due to my Caudalie products PLUS this fabulous shimmer product.  I think it takes off 5 years.  I’m also wearing Caudale French Kiss in Seduction colour for soft and kissable lips. Well ….. I hope so anyway! I need all the help I can get at my age. Travel beauty tips for beautiful skin when travelling.

PHOTO: Mix it up with a Caudalie Cleansing Routine!

Products: Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser, Caudalie Make-Up removing Cleanisng Oil, Caudalie Vine Actif Overnight Detox Oil and Caudalie Glycol Peel.




img_3385Caudalie Resveratrol (lift) Face Lifting Soft Creme

This arrived just in time!  Caudalie Resveratrol Face Lifting Soft Creme is just what I need right now!  I’m busy packing for a 17 hour (yes, 17 hour!) flight and this is coming with me.  I’m going to decant some of the cream into a small pot for the flight, to keep my skin baby soft.  It feels fabulous with an instant lifting and smoothing effect.  I’ll take the big pot in my luggage to use twice a day.

If you want to try it, click on the link on the right hand side of my page.  Everyday sun, pollution and stress have a negative affect on our skin but long haul flights REALLY are not good and so I need my Caudalie products even more than usual! I have used Caudal for years because of the amazing results and because they are made from natural ingredients.

My In Flight Products

I fly Business or First Class always but usually reject the airline beauty bag.  They often contain headache-inducing artificial perfumed products which is the last thing I need, I stick to my own tried and tested products.  Caudalie moisturiser, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, lip balm, Lavender oil, Evian facial mist, eye drops plus some face wipes and I am good to go.

img_3770Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Sleep is the best possible beauty treatment, especially on a plane.  Try and take an overnight flight, put on your PJ’s and some relaxing music and SLEEP!  Take a sleeping pill if you have trouble sleeping on board. I take a Boroca pill when I wake up (dissolvable Vitamin C) and drink loads of water to rehydrate.  Spray my face liberally with the Evian water facial spray and then the Caudalie Beauty Elixir.

A squirt of your favourite perfume is very uplifting in a stuffy airline cabin.  I use Serge Lutyens Nuit de Cellophane decanting some into a small perfume mister so I can take it on the plane.



A massage does wonders for those aching muscles when you arrive at the hotel or change flights.  Shower and slather yourself in oil.  My best tips for arriving refreshed are sleep, avoid alcohol and drink loads of water!

Follow my tips to avoid jet lag:

Switch your watch to your destination time a couple of hours into the flight and before you go to sleep on the plane.  Avoid eating too much, never drink alcohol and drink 2 litres of water throughout the flight.  Sleep and keep your face and body moisturised and hydrated.  Use eye drops to avoid dry eyes. Use DVT socks.  Get up and walk about to get your circulation going whenever you are awake.

I hope these tips help, let me know if you have any of your own to add here!


Caudalie link on the right side of my page.

http://www.caudalie.com  http://www.caudalie.com/uk