Travel is great fun and a wonderful lifestyle but it is important to stay healthy and learn how to re-calibrate your body and relax after a trip.  Long haul flights and long days travelling can take their toll.

I love to chill out by my pool in the South of France as a way of distressing.  Also, tea is very important to me, especially as I’m English and we consume lots of tea!  Every day starts with a cup of tea in bed and every afternoon we have afternoon tea!

The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company

My latest tea discovery is from The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company.  Their speciality teas are delicious and just the way to relax and chill out after a long journey.  The Madecasse chocolate was crummy too, sometimes 70% Coca chocolate can be bitter but this was creamy and just perfect!

Teatime at my house

Tea is a wonderful drink to rehydrate the body too!  So relax and sit down with a nice cup of tea right now.  You will immediately take a deep breathe and unwind.  Why not take a pack of tea along with you on your next trip too!

Caudalie for stressed and tired skin:

Drinking tea is an excellent diuretic and will help with bloating caused by long haul flights.  My skin needs extra special care before, during and after a long trip and so my favourite Caudalie products are always on standby.  I rehydrate my skin with Caudalie Grape Water I just used a spritz of it right now and my skin feels soft and beautiful.

Caudalie Grape Water

Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream

My eyes are also dehydrated and so my trusty Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream is perfect to combat stressed skin.  Click on my link on the right hand side of this page to buy.

Relaxing with Freddie and a cup of Tea

Thanks to for providing the relaxing teas to promote the importance of relaxing after travelling.