Morocco is country of contrasts, Sahara Desert in the South to beautiful beaches to the stunning Atlas Mountains.  This is my third visit in a year and I decided to Explore Morocco Camel Trek with Lahcen who is a wonderful Berber guide.  Lahcen was born and brought up in the Sahara desert and knows the desert well.  He has a company called Explore Morocco Travel.

If you need some help making your Moroccan travel dreams come true, he can help you arrange everything!  We discussed my itinerary and planned what I wanted to do.  In my case this was to explore the desert for a few days on a Camel trek. However, he can help y0u arrange any kind of Morocco trip, from exploring the country to surfing, yoga whatever your heart desires. This is my diary.

DAY 1:

Arrive at Marrakesh International Airport and Lahcen picks me up in his very comfortable and modern 4 x 4 vehicle.  I spend the rest of the day exploring Marrakesh and stay in a lovely traditional Riad.

PHOTO: Jamaa El Fna Square

DAY 2:

Lahcen arrived at the Riad bright and early because we have a long drive ahead of us! A leisurely 8 hour journey through the beautiful Moroccan countryside and Atlas mountains, stopping along the way to take pics and for a delicious lunch!  This is a great way to enjoy the countryside.

PHOTO: Atlas mountains in the distance

There is a lot to see and it is a wonderful journey through villages.

PHOTO: A typical village along the way

Villagers going to market, donkeys walking along the road, it is a fascinating scene.

DAY 3:

Mohamed arrived with the Camel caravan the next morning and off we go after loading up with everything we could possibly need!  I was surprised by the amount of stuff we took along to make the journey comfortable. Lahcen was a good guide, full of interesting information about desert life and life of a Moroccan Berber.

PHOTO: The Camel Caravan in the desert

We ate  delicious food at every meal.  The food was the best vegetarian food I have eaten in Morocco – and I have visited some expensive hotels and resorts!  Berber Omelette for breakfast, delicious soups, salads and tagines.

DAY 4:

Another full day of trekking with stops for lunch and a rest.  I loved experiencing the desert with the Camels, a true desert experience.  We made camp in the prettiest oasis at night and enjoyed the desert peace and quiet.  Another delicious dinner and so many photo opportunities.  This is a million miles away from a typical tourist tour.  Arrange your own deluxe program, tailor-made to you and your family.

PHOTO: Desert camp on Explore Morocco Camel Trek

Perfect sunsets and the best starlit nights are a magical experience.  The peace and quiet of the desert is something everyone should enjoy at least once!

PHOTO: A magical Sahara Sunset

It is an awesome experience waking up in the desert!  The camels enjoyed their breakfast too!

PHOTO: Camels enjoy their breakfast

The Camels were a delight, calm, friendly and well trained.  I absolutely loved them! I loved experiencing southern Morocco from the top of  Camel, seeing such interesting things along the way with real Berber guides.

PHOTO: Spotted a baby Camel along the way

DAY 5:

What a great experience! We then swapped the Camel Caravan for the comfortable 4 x 4 and drove back to Marrakesh! Experience both the Anti Atlas and Atlas mountains.

PHOTO: Views on the way to Marrakesh

I returned to Marrakesh and a great Riad for a couple of days shopping, Hammam, and exploring!  Thanks to Lahcen and Mohamed for looking after me and for a one off special experience! Explore Morocco Camel trek.


Get in touch with Lahcen from Explore Morocco Travel and he will arrange anything from a day trip to a two week tour or trek!  Take a look at the website and see all the different possibilities awaiting you!  Here is a message from him:

Marhaba! I am Lahcen and I would love to show you all the beauty of my home: Morocco and the desert.

Born into a big Berber family in the middle of the south Moroccan desert, i spent my childhood as a nomad travelling around the southern desert.  Merzouga and the dunes of Erg Chebbi is what I call home. Do you want to explore it with me?

I have several years experience as a camel as well as a 4 x 4 and Motorbike driver.  I would love to explore the county with you on a private tour and tell you one stories about life of the nomad people in the desert.  Apart from Berber and Arabic, I speak Spanis, French and English.

About Explore Morocco Travel:

Southern Morocco with its beautiful, varied landscapes doesn’t fail to impress tourists from all over the world again and again. The drive from bustling Marrakech over the Atlas Mountains to the desert is lined with traditional villages and kasbahs as well as a overwhelming nature. Meet the friendly people along the way, drink as much “Berber Whiskey” (mint tea) as you can handle and savor the delicious moroccan food along your journey. Imagine yourself on the back of a friendly camel, walking slowly into the sunset, at the top of the golden sand dunes, looking at the splendid stars and getting up early to catch the first light of the sun.

We can organize your journey according to your very special needs – everything as you like it, at your pace. You can find some examples of our most popular tours and day trips here on this webpage. Please do not hesitate to ask for special programs or if you have special needs, we will be very glad to assist you to make your holidays the most memorable of your life.

Our tourguides speak English, Spanish and French. If you prefer another language such as German or Italian, do not hesitate to ask for it ! We will do our best to fulfill your requests.

Our services do also include airport transfers and we know some of the most beautiful Riads in Marrakech !

Are you ready to fall in love with Morocco ?

Tel : +212 671 430 215 / +212 621 368 331





Camel Trek in Essaouira

My Diva Road trip around Morocco with honorary Diva Melanie, photographer for the trip! We loved Essaouira and this is my favourite place to visit in Morocco.  I loved the laid back beach vibe, the beautiful Old Town Medina, friendly people, stunning location ….. can you tell I loved it?  I will be back for sure!  If you go to one place in Morocco, this would be my recommendation.

Essaouira Medina – A cultural and shopping delight! All photos of me taken by @lemanieg

I stayed in a Riad located within the Medina which was a unique and fun experience and something you should do at least once during a trip to Morocco to get a different experience.  The local people were so friendly and I felt like a local after a 3 day stay! However, if you want a more relaxed vibe there are plenty of nice hotels and villas to choose from and you will be spoilt for choice.

Shopping in the Souk at Essaouira

The Souk is a delight, stay away from the main streets and you will find a treasure trove of Spices, delicious Moroccan pastries, just about everything you could wish for!

Pots Galore at Essaouira

I bought some pots, dates, spice mixes to bring home to France.

Camel trekking

Regular readers know I love Camels, so this was heaven for me!  Choose to go on a short trek or overnight and camp.  My Camel trek was a highlight of my trip and I recommend the company I used, see the information section at the bottom of the page.

James, my Camel and me

It was such a treat exploring on James the Camel with just my guide for company.

Then, the next day I used the same company to arrange a horse ride which was just as fun as the Camels but a lot faster!  They have beautiful horses, well looked after and cared for which is essential.

My view between the ears of Aziz

To be honest, for me it just doesn’t get better than this!  Cantering along on a pristine, unspoilt beach on a cracking little horse with a good guide for company.  The perfect morning.

Exploring the Essaouira coastline on a horse

The Old Port:

The Port is a fascinating place to explore and take photos of the iconic blue fishing boats.  Just around the corner are the little fish shack restaurants, where you choose a fish and they cook it immediately.  Delicious, clean and simple food but beware make sure you barter because prices are high.

Old Port of Essouaira

The Old port of Essouaira is charming and iconic for photographers on Instagram!  It is impossible to take a bad photo and the fisherman don’t seem to mind.  The history of the port stretches back into time to 1770.  This was the most important trading port between Europe, Africa and the Americas, originally named Mogador.

Free trade policies were encouraged by Sultan Ben Abdellah who encouraged the settlement of rich merchants and Jews to settle and work in Mogador. This was an important trading port.

Iconic Blue fishing boats

I enjoyed a delicious Lobster lunch at one of the little shacks around the port.  It was the best ever, but very expensive and I should have bartered really!

Delicious Lobster lunch at the Port

Beautiful old ruin in Essaouira

Above is a stunning old building, owned by Jewish traders and abandoned in the 1960’s.  Moroccan law dictates that abandoned properties are left for 100 years incase the descendants owners decide to return and claim the property.

A perfect end to a perfect day

Above is a photo taken admiring the view from one of the bars serving alcohol in Essaouira.  These are obviously popular with visitors to the town!

Definitely put Essaouira on your Morocco itinerary.  We hired a car at Marrakesh Airport and happily and safely drove all around the country from Marrakesh to Agadir to Essaouira to the Atlas mountains to Marrakesh.  The roads are perfectly safe, fellow drivers very well behaved, and the people of Morocco delightful and helpful.  Get out and explore!

The Souk at Essaouira


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