A Magical Island

Sri Lanka is a magical island and I look forward to sharing it with you via this blog.  An unspoiled tropical paradise with endless sandy beaches, crystal clear seas with Dolphins, Whales and Turtles in abundance. Sri Lanka is now a peaceful country, the troubles of the past behind it. Do not hesitate, visit now before the big hotel groups arrive and ruin the pristine coastline.

If you are imagining Sri Lanka to be full of backpacking surfers and tour groups there are plenty of  these are around because Sri Lanka is renowned as a surfing hotspot, but restricted to a few Surfing beaches and touristy areas. Everywhere else is waiting to be discovered. The people of Sri Lanka are just a pleasure to meet, so friendly and helpful. The luxury travel market is really developing at a fast pace. Chic hotels are popping up through out the island, including my personal favourite Cape Weligama. An excellent choice for a luxury trip, it has to be one of the best new hotels in Asia, along with many other excellent places to stay including a good choice of luxury villas.

Tea Trails at Norwood

Which is the best choice – 5* Hotel or luxury villa?

I am going to compare a stay at a top class hotel with renting a villa.
On my first trip, we stayed at the Resplendent Ceylon Norwood bungalow, Hatton on the ‘Tea Trails’ along with the new sister hotel Cape Weligama both owned by Dilmah tea. We were collected from the airport by a driver from the Ceylon tea trails and driven to Norwood Bungalow where our butler and his super efficient team awaited our arrival. Totally pampered we ate delicious food prepared by a good chef. This is a Relais Chateau hotel so you know what to expect with the high standard of cuisine.
A trip to Sri Lanka would not be complete without visiting this magical Highland area, with hillsides full of Tea plantations and workers picking the Tea leaves. A visit to the Dilmah tea factory, arranged by the hotel is fascinating.


Tea pickers at Norwood

Followed up with a few days R and R at Cape Weligama, this is an experience that is hard to beat! The  Resplendent Ceylon group arrange everything and arrange a car and driver or seaplane to take you down to the coast.
IMG_1569 Wonderful Pool Marco Polo Residence At Cape Weligama.

This time I’m trying out villa life in the countryside on the Southern coast, inland from Koggola Lake. There are some very stylish villas to rent all fully staffed so you don’t have to worry about a thing and everything is taken are of from cooking to organising trips, restaurant bookings, bicycles …. just about anything! If you decide to take a trip here, you will find the service and staff are amazingly good. We are being pampered by wonderful staff here and really enjoying the Sri Lankan curries, Dhal and all the fresh fruit. King Coconut is only grown here and makes a delicious, healthy drink. The villa has its own Tuk Tuk so we are off to market to buy some supplies. Th villa has a Tuk Tuk to drive guest around, which is fun for short trips.

A villa stay means more local interaction and a real life experience. Enjoying the simpler things in life such as shopping for food with the housekeeper and sampling a vaste array of local foods. My favourite Spice shop, the Spice Shack in Galle makes all the Spice mixtures you could possible wish for all locally grown. The owner kindly gave me the most delicious Fish Curry recipe.

The recipe is so good, I’m going to share it with you!
Heat a couple of teaspoons of olive oil in a pan, add 1 chopped onion and 4 cloves of Garlic, cook on a low heat, add 1 tablespoon of Masala, 1 1/2 tablespoons of Curry powder, 1 tablespoon Chilli flakes and stir on a low heat. Add 2 cans of chopped tomato or fresh tomato half a cup of fish stock then add the fish to the pot cook until the fish is cooked (5 minutes) then add the prawns.
1 Onion, 4 Garlic cloves
1 dessert spoonful of Garam Masala, Chilli Flakes
1 1/2 dessert spoons of curry
2 cans Chopped tomato
Chopped white fish of your choice (I use Cod and Haddock when in the UK but use whatever you have available) and lots of juicy, fresh prawns.
Fry the onion and garlic, add the spices swoosh around the pan to release flavours, add tomato 1 cup vegetable stock heat then add fish until cooked (few minutes, don’t overcook) then finally add the prawns. Enjoy!
Serve with rice. curried green beans, red peppers.

Galle food market is a joy to visit, bursting full of every imaginable fruit and vegetable, all locally grown. Lots of new and unusual things to try out for the first time.

Galle Food Market

Galle is a fascinating melting pot of different cultures all living together in harmony. The more time I spend here, the more I am fascinated by the cultural history and the way in which this still impacts on modern life and politics.

Impressive Buddhist Temples abound and the new President Sirisena, elected in January 2015 is Buddhist and keen to bring back pre-Colonial cultural values. A hotchpotch of Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist peoples all add diversity to the life here. Add the Colonial influences of the Portuguese, Dutch and English and the result is a fascinating mix.

Post conflict, this is a good time to invest in the island, the luxury hotel market is arriving with full steam ahead! I visited the nearly finished Anantara at Tangle and a Shangri La is being built in the same area. Luxury villas are popping up too.

Near Galle is Koggola Lake, a good spot to spend a morning tootling around in a boat watching the birds fishing and visiting the Spice Island and Cinnamon island. Slightly touristy but still interesting and a good place to stock up on Cinnamon powder, Cinnamon and a plethora of pure Spice oils, Spice soaps and all sorts of healthy potions.

Photo: Koggola Lake

We are so lucky staying at an inland villa (inland from Unawatuna, Unawatuna is a horrible tourist trap but as soon as you cross the main road, open countryside awaits) this trip, we are part of a village community and definitely seeing another side of SriLankan life a world away from 5* hotels!
IMG_0830Villa life in Southern Sri Lanka
If you want the details of the villa, just email me and I will send them to you. Today we took a two hour hike through the paddy fields and were met with welcome and smiling people all the way.
We hired bikes – no not the one in the picture! – and cycled around the local villages enjoying the peaceful countryside along the way.

IMG_1780Paddy fields inland

Car Hire:

I tried to hire a self drive car today, I just love having the freedom to explore without having a driver. This proved to be impossible without great forward planning! (Sri Lanka – get your act together, travellers WANT hire cars!). I needed a special Sri Lankan driving licence and the I wasn’t insured to drive the car. Next visit, I will get organised before arrival and hopefully book a car from the airport with a large rental company. They will arrange the special driving licence at the airport, I believe. So, be warned if you wish to hire a car without a driver – be prepared and organised before you arrive!

So, equipped with a car and DRIVER, we headed off South along the coast from Weligama to Tangalle. This took a couple of hours meandering along the coast road (quicker if you take the super new highway as far as Matara). This really is an unspoiled coastline, endless beaches with no-one in sight.
Tangalle Beaches

New luxury hotels are popping up near Tangalle and I was keen to take a look at the new Anantara Tangalle Peace Haven Hotel. Enjoyed a terrific Italian lunch (the Sri Lankan restaurant was not yet built).
The hotel reminded me of the Anantara Qasr Al Sarab in Abu Dhabi, a place that I absolutely love. I would like to go back when the hotel is finished and stay for a few days. The Ocean bungalows look terrific. There are a lot of rooms in a fairly small space so I would imagine it will get crowded at peak holiday times. However, they do have the most amazing beach!

To recap, I would avoid a tour (but then I am definitely NOT a tour kind of person!) Hire a good car and driver checking on the quality of the car before you book because you need a comfortable car as the roads are notoriously bad.  I will stay in a mixture of luxury villa and luxury hotel next time and have the best of both worlds!  If you want any more details, feel free to email.

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IMG_0545Tangalle Beaches

5 of my favourite things to do in Southern and South West Sri  Lanka

In no particular order:

Visit the beaches of Southern Sri Lanka – Tangalle

Next time I visit Sri Lanka I will stay longer in the South around Tangalle.  The beaches are some of the best you will see anywhere, undiscovered and unspoilt, you can walk for miles without meeting another person!  This suits me perfectly.

IMG_0444Protected Turtle Eggs in Tangalle

The President himself has a house nearby and many of Colombo’s finest have summer houses in the area.  It is easy to see why, sheer perfection.  The surfboarding backpackers are nowhere to be seen, the seas are a little rough in places here.  I was keen to visit the new Anantara Peace Haven Tangle Resort hotel and it didn’t disappoint.  We enjoyed a delicious lunch and will be back for a stay in a luxury villa for sure!

Lunch on the Terrace Il Mare, Italian Restaurant, Anantara Hotel Tangalle

We enjoyed a delicious Italian lunch on the terrace of Il Mare, with good food, perfect service and  perfect view.  Who could ask for more?  They have a lovely bar too.  I would add that our driver was very well looked after at Anantara, there is a special drivers area and they dine very well!  Our driver was most impressed.  This is not always the case.

IMG_0427Beach View from Anantara Tangalle

Hire a Bicycle

Be adventurous and hire a bike!  Explore the hinterland passing Water Buffalo and Rice paddy fields as you cycle along.  Every village is home to a magnificent Buddhist Temple and little shops so you can buy everything you need as you go.  Sri Lanka has more dogs than any other country I have visited, every house seems to belong to a dog who will be lying in the street.  Most are friendly so just pedal around them!

IMG_1780Water Buffalo and Egret

The countryside is so interesting and it is a great way to see things.


You can go on  cycle tour but be adventurous and go it alone.  Everyone was friendly in Sri Lanka.


Spot the Coconut gatherer?


Take a train along the coast if you don’t want to drive

Whale Watching, Mirrissa

This is just wonderful.  Head out to sea in the early morning and spend time Whale watching.  You are sure to spot Dolphins even if you aren’t lucky enough to spot a whale.  We saw one!


Dolphins playing near Mirrissa

Make your way to the port or your Hotel will organise a trip.  Be careful, we enjoyed a boat to ourselves but some boats seemed to be laden with people so check before you set off.


Whale watching Boats

I’m staying in the area between Galle, Weligama and Tangalle so it is possible to do all these 5 activities during a stay in this area.  My tip would be not to cram too much into your visit or you end up driving about all the time.

Koggola Lake

Another water based activity.  Hire your own boat and captain to take out and explore the lake, it is beautiful here and a good spot to rent a villa if you don’t mind not being near the sea.  There are a few slightly touristy attractions to stop off and see as you sail around.  Firstly, a Cinnamon plantation where you can watch how it is produced and buy some Cinnamon.

IMG_1755Koggola Lake

Stop by the Turtle Sanctuary nearby Koggola Lake. and drive a couple miles further to Galle and these four favourites of mine will make a nice day trip.

IMG_1761Koggloa Lake


Go and visit the Galle Fort, Galle lighthouse, National Maritime Museum.  Galle has an interesting history with the arrival of the Portuguese in the 16c followed by the Dutch Colonial period in the 17c.  It is a fortified city built by the Portuguese, but extensively fortified later by the Dutch.  Salle Fort is a World Heritage Centre.

IMG_1547 (1)Galle Fortifications

Galle Old town is a such a pretty old town and full of interesting shops, particularly specialising in jewellery shops but you won’t find many bargains!

The Cricket ground was ruined in the Tsunami a few years ago and many lives were lost in this terrible natural disaster.

IMG_1549Galle Cricket Ground

IMG_1555 (1)Fishermen line the route Weligama to Galle

The road from Weligama to Galle is a great place to stop and buy fish, they line the route most of the way.  Of course, if you want that classic fisherman on a pole shot, you can pay and they will obligingly jump on a pole for you!

I hope you enjoy my things to do in South West Sri Lanka, let me know!