What to pack for summer? I love to share my latest finds with you!  Let me know if you have a new ‘must have’ too.


OK, picture the scene …. your favourite Diva is at the airport struggling to get her suitcases off the luggage carousel.  Invariably they all come round at once and everyone just stands and stares not helping at all!  So annoying.  Anyway, my new American Tourister is a dream, it is so light and manoeuvrable.  My trusty old Samsonite are wonderful but VERY heavy, I can pick up the tourister with one finger!

I think you will agree, it looks cool too! I’m loving the bright colours, have my eye on a silver one too.

PHOTO: Me and my American Tourister Soundbox at Heathrow


I have been a fan of this super chic brand for YEARS!  Not cheap, I know, but well worth it.  They look great, fit perfectly and will last and last. Once you discover this brand, there is no going back! TOP TIP: Buy in the seasonal sales.

PHOTO: Melissa Odabash Swimsuit on the beach at The Palm Jumeirah

I bought this one above in a Melissa Odabash sale, what do you think?  Click on the link on the right side of my page here to see more.  Swimwear, shorts and a few floaty dresses and I’m good to go!


My obsession with great skincare started when I lived in Paris.  The French really do have the best skincare products!  Institute Esthederm Paris has been a fabulous new discovery.  I can see a visible difference to my eyes after using the Lift and Repair eye care.  The skin around bye eyes looks brighter too!

PHOTO: Trying out my new Institut Estherderm Paris Products

Beach holidays and slathering on Factor 50 on my face can lead to blocked pores.  I packed my L’Osmoclean Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser for squeaky clean pores.  It works like a dream.  I am a big fan of face sprays to keep my skin soft and hydrated throughout the day, Eau Cellulaire is in my bag now at all times.


Perfect for a trip, buy a travellers pack for pearly white teeth.  It includes a toothbrush, cabin compatible size whitening toothpaste and some terrific White Glo flosser picks. You will find these at the airport chemist Boots, so look out for one before you fly!

Have a great summer, I hope my What to Pack for Summer guide is helpful!  I will be off to France and Italy soon.








Travel Wardrobe for Asia 

I’m busy planning what to take with me to The Philippines.  Obviously, it will be hot and humid so I have to rethink my beauty regime too.  There is nothing worse than getting hot and sweaty with make up sliding down your face!

My latest discovery and one I will definitely put into my suitcase is Jason Wu for Caudalie eau de beaute Beauty Elixir for a smooth and glowing complexion.  This arrived in the post just as I arrived back from the sunny Cote d’azur with skin dehydrated by the sun, sea and salt.  The soothing scent is divine and my skin is instantly revived and looks radiant.

What do you think? I just sprayed it on before taking the photo above with me and Zarya!


I will use if every day as part of my skincare routine and will put it into my hand luggage to keep my face hydrated on the long journey.  If you want to buy some for yourself click on the link on the righthand side. With thanks to Caudalie UK.

I have the most luscious Serge Lutyens scent that perfectly evokes Asia for me that I just discovered called Nuit de Cellophane so this is going with me too.


What to Wear in The Philippines

My top tip for what to wear in very hot and humid countries is wear as little as possible!  I only pack lightweight natural fabrics in Cotton, Linen and Silk.


Lise Charmel Chemise

What do you think of my new Lise Charmel Chemise, bought in Galeries Lafayette?  I think it will be perfect for a hot climate.  My latest discovery for swimwear is a very inexpensive brand that I found on http://www.asos.com  Love them because they have big cup sizes, YAY! So shout out for Wolf and Whistle


Hermes Shoulder Birkin Bag

I’ll take one of my Hermes bags with an iPad, iPhone and Sunnies

Well, that is as far as I have planned so far. Perfume, Chemise and Bikini !Hmmmm … I need to get organised don’t I?  I’ll take 2 dresses per day, 2 bikinis and 1 Kaftan per day, shorts and that is about it!  I’ll tell you about my latest buys on here as I get them.

Top Tip to fight off mosquitoes Did you know that mossies detest Vitamin E? take a Vitamin E supplement and slather yourself in Vitamin E cream and they will go a bite someone else!

Hiking boots and flip-flops too!

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