Luxury lifestyle beauty products made by WoMn.  Who likes trying new skincare and beauty products? Yes, me too!  I was thrilled to try an exciting new, natural brand WoMn made in Abu Dhabi natural ingredients.  I’m becoming more and more aware of what I put on my skin these days.

I wouldn’t dream of eating chemical packed food, so why put it on my skin? I love products with natural ingredients.  WoMn certainly fits this brief!  And is a new niche brand too.

WoMn moisturiser and Hair and Body Oil

As you know, I only write about places and products that I really love and these certainly fit into that category.  The body oil smells divine and instantly makes your skin feel soft and smell divine with a subtle fragrance of Argan and Rose.

The Vanilla and Lemon Facial scrub was a revelation!  The results are instantaneous after the first scrub.  I tried this out on Stephen and he has baby soft skin now too.  I have used the Argan and Neroli moisturiser and the Anti ageing serum everyday for weeks with great results.

My skin looks great after using WoMn skincare

I want to introduce your to Goran, the man behind this exciting new brand.  He has an interesting story to tell us.

Goran Vestermajer from WoMn:

Q. Hi Goran, How lovely to chat!  Tell us a little about yourself?

I am MPharm from Croatia and I have more than 16 years of professional experience in pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy. R&D was my first position after graduation and it remained my “first love” in pharmaceutical industry. I always loved exploring nature so naturally there was only a small step to start combining those two together.

Q.  What are your favourite things about living in Abu Dhabi?

We moved to UAE three and a half years ago in a search for better opportunities and felt it would be beneficial to our children. Here they are going in international school and are exposed to many different cultures and experiences so they have good chance to grow up reaching and meeting to their full potential. This is what we like about living in Abu Dhabi. And of course the fact that it never snows nor the temperature goes below 10 🙂

Q.  What inspired you to start making WoMn products?

Inspiration for WoMn came to me in a dream. I know how unreal that sounds, but it is the truth. Like you already know I was and still am a stay-at-home Dad and this idea was in my head for long but have never materialized. Finally after 3 years in Dubai when we realized that finding a job in UAE for me would be mission impossible, one morning I said to my wife – I am going to make organic skin care products. But not just any kind of products. I will combine proven natural ingredients and scientific data to make products that nobody else is making here.
After that everything started and the name WoMn came as a tribute to my wife, because it is in fact acronym for Wife Of Mine Nena.

Q. Are you influenced by The Middle East and the ingredients you find there?

When researching for any of my products I try not to be influenced with just one region or country. People all around the world use different natural ingredients for skin and hair care and I try to follow that same path. Still, there are few rules that I follow strictly. First, there has to be scientific data and studies behind every ingredient, and I use only proven and reliable suppliers. That means that some ingredients I will be able to find locally but most we need to import.

Q.  How do you see the business growing?

WoMn is still in the beginning phase. We are still a handmade brand but actions for turning it to company are already in motion. We are currently finalizing negotiations to start production and registration of our products in EU and after that we will do the same here in UAE. There is still so much to do in order to make WoMn recognizable brand and but also in educating people about natural and organic skin care products.

Q. Tell me how we an all buy Womn Products?

Until that we are present online on Instagram and Facebook and can physically be found on local Abu Dhabi and Dubai markets. We are also developing our webpage that should be active soon.

Thank you Goran and good luck!

5 Beauty essentials for travel. I want to share my 5 beauty essentials for great skin.  I think this is the worst time of year for our poor skin.  The harsh cold winter weather takes its toll.  Also, if like me you travel a lot this makes your poor skin dry and dehydrated.  The dreaded little lines around the eyes are in need of serious help!


I have used Caudalie products for years.  I love the pure, organic ingredients with no nasty chemicals in the products.  This Grape water contains 100% organic grapes, is preservative free, fragrance free and Caudalie are against animal testing!  Also contains no nasties such as Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Phlatates or animal origin ingredients.  Fabulous, music to my ears and yours too I hope.  Be careful what you are putting on you skin.  Read labels and be aware.

I spray this wonderful Grape Water liberally over my face to rehydrate after running, when on an aeroplane indeed throughout the day!  Your skin feels instantly hydrated and revived.


Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream

The latest product from Caudalie is this luxurious eye cream!  It now has a permanent place on my dressing table.  The results are instant, the crepy skin around my eyes is firmer and looks transformed and hydrated. As always with Caudalie, there are no nasty Parabens etc and no animal testing!  Give it a try, click on the Caudalie link on the right hand side of my page.

Argh! No make up.  Skin looks good though.  Do you like natural products without harmful chemicals and that are not tested on animals?  Me too, and I try and use these products as much as I can.  Be aware of what we are putting on our skin as well as into our bodies.  Talking of which I use a great vitamin from Solgar Skin, Hair and Nails.  Again this is great for travelling, especially when it is difficult to get a healthy balanced diet on travel days.

My 5 essentials plus Vitamins from Solgar


Another new discovery I want to share with you because IT WORKS!  An anti cellulite treatment that firms and contours and it really does work.  Just slather it on your body twice a day and get travel ready.


I love finding new beauty discoveries that really work.  The Womn products really deliver great results!  I am writing a whole article about them so won’t go into much detail.  the hair and body oil I use all over my body for super soft skin.  Also the anti ageing cream has wonderful results.  I even tried it out on my husband and the results are astonishing.  They are all organic and handmade in the UAE.

I hope you enjoy trying some of these.  Let me know if you do and what results you get!


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