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It’s a Travel bloggers life!


I’m celebrating the end of my first year as a travel and lifestyle blogger! What a year it has been and I don’t regret a single second.  I have learnt so many new things, met so many wonderful people and had a brilliant time!

The Best bits:

Well, the best bits are meeting so many amazing people around the world and online.  I have a new online world now that did not exist for me a year ago.  I love writing and exploring, my photography skill have improved and my website building is challenging but rewarding.

Travel the World  

Well to be honest, we travelled the world anyway but just decided to write about it and take more photographs along the way!  However, I did get to explore places that I would not ordinarily travel to, such as the Philippines to attend a TBEX conference, and blog about my trip.

Blogging at the fabulous El Nido Resorts Lagen Island

I stayed at the terrific new Conrad Hilton Manila, thanks to a friends recommendation,during that trip which was such a joy.  Manila was definitely not on my bucket list but this hotel alone was worth the trip! Travelled to The Middle East too, which is always very special.  I hope to be back soon!

What surprises along the way:

Social Media  Well this was an enormous shock!  I had no idea that hours and hours of my life would be consumed by social media.  Who knew? This is a fate that befalls every blogger in the world I believe.  In some ways this has enriched my life enormously.  I have so many Social Media friends throughout the world, in countries and places that would not normally be accessible at all, let alone on a daily basis via online chats!

If you had told me a year ago that my social media reach would be getting on for 250,000 I would have laughed!  But there we go!  The power of the internet is extraordinary and people enjoy reading  about each others lives, travels and recommendations.  Again, my life is so enriched by this.  BUT,  I must find a way to spend less time tapping away.  I drive my friends and family completely mad staring at my screen typing away!  Be warned of this fate if you decide to blog!  It is addictive and all consuming.


My skills as a photographer have improved!  I take pictures all the time!  I insist friends take my picture at all times, again thank you for my patient and lovely friends and husband!  Cries of “Don’t touch it!  I have to take a picture” as they reach for their cocktail in a bar!  and ‘Don’t sit on the bed or touch anything!” every time we arrive in a hotel!  Actually, its a miracle I have any friends left really!

Delicious dishes have to be photographed!

It is quite funny!  At least everyone has a good sense of humour about my obsession with taking a nice photo!  Hanging out with fellow bloggers is great, they all behave in the same way.


We all try not to take too many selfies but in the life of a blogger this can be difficult if travelling alone. What to do?  Grab an unsuspecting passer by? Well, yes have done this before but it is not always very successful.  The unsuspecting tourist might be quite keen to help ….. until the 10th time the photo has been deleted with my cries of “sorry, you chopped off my feet, do it again!” I must confess that I now own a selfie stick (just don’t tell anyone please)

Photo Memories  The upside of this, is that we have some great photographic memories of our travels.  My top tip if you are taking a hotel picture, take it immediately you arrive before it is messed up!


Well, this is a huge bonus to your life as a blogger.  I have been invited to some lovely events and places to write as a blogger.  In fact, a whole new and exciting world has opened up.  Who know I would be at Press events aboard Super Yachts, at London Press events, the worlds best restaurants and clubs, and having a fascinating and fabulous time.  Definitely   a huge bonus now I’m in the blogging world.  I have received some lovely clothes, products and beauty treatments to to wear, try and write about.

Superyacht life

The not so good bits:

Everything has a downside!  I did not realise quite how exhausting it is being a blogger.  I know, you are laughing at me right now, thinking how pampered I am!  BUT, trust me is hard work!  I like to go away on a holiday from time to time without the pressures of blogging.

Another downside is too much time spent online.  I really want to moderate this coming into my second year but I’m not sure how?  Any ideas from my blogger friends, please let me know.

Editing photographs.  This takes forever!  Hmm, can’t think of any more downsides so it isn’t too bad really.  Diva rest time in Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

I think I chose a good name for my blog.  I must hear cries of  “YOU ARE SUCH A DIVA!” every single day hehe!   I’m looking forward to a second year and hope you will join me along the way.xoxo