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What to pack this month!

What to pack this month?

What to pack this month?  I love to share my latest packing essentials with you!  This month I am off to Greece and France.  Determined to try and take only one suitcase (well, I always say that and never achieve it!).


I gave up on buying paper books years ago.  I always use an online guide BUT I am loving these paper travel guides.  It is so much easier to read than trying to squint at my iPhone plus and much easier to browse through.  The joy of a real book is a rediscovery! I will still download my online guides but these are definitely coming with me on my trips over the next few months.  I will keep you updated!

My Greece guides are now packed and the rest are ready for my upcoming trips over the next few months.  There are some new places I discovered in the Guides.  I found  restaurant recommendations that are new to me on the Cote d’Azur.  Especially interesting are the regional food suggestions for each country.

This month I will be using:

The Rough Guide to Greece and Insight Guides Athens Pocket Guide

TIP: If you buy the Insight pocket Guides you get a free ebook too.

PHOTO: Rough Guides and Insight Guides

I look forward to using my guides over the coming months. A comprehensive guide to the most popular attractions, plus tips on shopping, eating out and many other things.

Book Credits at the bottom of this page


PHOTO: Caudalie Body and Hair Nourishing Oil

I absolutely love Caudalie beauty products!  This is so fantastic, I used half of this bottle in 10 days!  Smells delicious and my skin loves it.  It is a cocktail of powerful plant oils including Grape, Hibiscus, Sesame and Argan plus Shea Butter and patented antioxidant Polyphenols. If you want to try it yourself, click the Caudalie link on the right hand side of this page.

Caudalie are all natural products, not tested on animals and they work!  Packing this in my suitcase and reordering more soon.


PHOTO: Bioderma Photoderm Bronz

What to pack this month? Sun protection! My pale skin burns very easily and needs lots of protection.  Bioderma Photoderm Bronze 30SPF and Photoderm Bronze 50spf Dry oil and Photoderm max 50 Tinted Aquafluid came along on my trip to the South of France in May and are already packed for Greece!

I especially love the Bioderma very high protection Dry Oil, love the soft sheen it gives to my skin.  Bioderma tinted Aquafluid is a new ‘must have’ too!  A golden glow for my face…perfect!

PHOTO: What to pack this month? Using my Bioderma Sun Protection

Rough Guide and Insight guide Credits:

Insight Guides Crete Pocket Guide. Editor: Rachel Lawrence

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