10 Best things to do in London Docklands

10 Best things to do in London Docklands:

  • Explore the Thames Walk from The Tower of London to Wapping
  • Skylight Rooftop Bar, Tobacco Dock –  Cool Rooftop Bar, Croquet, Restaurant
  • Museum of London Docklands
  • Captain Kidd Pub – Gorgeous buildings, pub garden looking over The Thames
  • One Canada Square, Canary wharf.  Check out the architecture in Canary Wharf including 2nd tallest building in London after The Shard
  • Canary Wharf Crossrail Roof Gardens
  • Billingsgate Market – for fish lovers!
  • Columbia Road Flower Market – Instagrammers will love this market
  • Emirates Air Line Whizz across the Thames and take the best photos.

Explore the London docklands area when you visit London.  It’s fascinating, full of history and totally reinvented from the old rough and tumble docklands.  I’m a Knightsbridge and Chelsea girl and rarely venture into the East End, but I will be back, its is super cool, full of fab bars and restaurants!

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We kicked off the evening at Skylight Rooftop Bar in Tobacco dock.  What a fun place!  Super popular and really busy in the outside rooftop bat.  It is easy to see why, cool location set in an abandoned car park the space is massive.  Room for a few Croquet courts of all things! If you are a traveller from abroad, this may be a bit of a mystery to you!  Take the opportunity to play this quintessentially english game one a roof top in the East End.

Enjoy the incredible city skyline and see if you can spot the Ghurkin!  Enjoy some yummy food in the open air on a beautiful Summer day in the best city in the world.  Nighttime brings some dancing under the stars.

PHOTO: Skylight Rooftop Bar, Tobacco Dock, The Docklands London

The Walk along the Thames meandering along through the refurbished Dock warehouses is so fun.  Step into history with the Old pub names, and street names too.  Nowadays, the old warehouses are modern city apartments with incredible views alongside new apartment buildings.

Get off the tourist trail!! Regular Diva readers know that I always bang on about getting off the tourist trap trail wherever I go in the world.  You certainly will get off it in Wapping and Canary Wharf.   I didn’t see a single tourist and no cameras, except for mine!  The London Docklands has been reinvented as a cool place for upwardly mobile city workers, artists, creatives and it really does buzz with life.  Fantastic place to buy an apartment if you are looking.

The London Docks were originally constructed in Wapping downstream from city of London between 1799 and 1815.  Eventually the Docklands became unused in modern times and fell into disrepair  until a regeneration in the 1980’s.  Now…. it a a wealthy, vibrant area and well worth a visit.

How to get to Docklands London:

PHOTO: Tower of London

Tube:  We took a Tube to Tower Hill and then intended to pick up the Docklands Light Railway.  Make sure to snap a quick photo of the Tower of London, see above.  A super view of The Tower! Then, unfortunately the DLR was Closed!  We hopped into a Taxi.

Walk: However, if time allows there is a lovely Thames Walk from The Tower of London to the Docklands and this is 1 mile in distance.  This is a lovely walk with plenty of amazing views of The Thames.

River Bus:  My favourite way to get around London (if I don’t have my car, but don’t tell the Mayor of London!) Get off at Canary Wharf

PHOTO:  Wapping Station, Docklands London

Explore the Docklands:

Then take the River bus to Canary Wharf, you will find stunning skyscraper buildings, cafes, restaurants and shops.  Look out for ! Canada Square which is the second tallest building in London after The Shard.

A super photo opportunity at every turn!  Meander along the Streets and see all the unusual pubs and funny street names.  Pubs include such gorgeous names as Cat and Canary in Fishermans Wharf, The Gun at West India Docks, The Merchant in Canary Wharf and best of all White Swan and Cuckoo!

There are some lovely Street names too, see how many you can spot as you explore.

PHOTO:  Explore the fascinating streets of the Docklands London 

Traditional English pubs are closing down all the time so it was a pleasure to see some pubs thriving with locals in this area.  We enjoyed stopping off at Captain Kidd Pub,  interestingly named after an infamous pirate name Captain Kidd who was executed in nearby Execution Dock in 1701.  Lively pub full of local City elite, quaffing beer in the garden by the Thames.  Surprisingly it was built in the 1980’s.

PHOTO:  Captain Kidd Pub, Wapping, Docklands London

Next trip, I really want to cross the Thames on Emirates Air Cable Car between Royal Docks and Greenwich.  This is a one kilometre journey taking in the great views along The Thames.  A photographers heaven!  This ride takes 10 minutes and you can use an Oyster card.  The cost is £3.50.

PHOTO:  Shadwell Canal, Docklands London

Beautiful Shadwell Basin is a beautiful waterfilled dock used for recreational purposes  such as sailing and fishing.  The Canals leading from the basin are very prettty tree lined Canal side walks with fantastic apartment complexes.

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