10 day Luxury Jordan Trip

UPDATE: Check with the government website to see if there are any travel restrictions.

10 Day Luxury Jordan Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Arrive at Amman International Airport. Stay overnight in a luxury 5 star hotel and explore Amman
  • Day 2 to 5 – Drive to Dead Sea in Jordan, relax and enjoy floating on the Dead Sea, stay in a luxury 5 star resort. Visit Mount Nebo, Madaba etc
  • Day 5 to 6 – Hire a Limousine and driver and drive to Petra. Stay overnight in a luxury hotel and explore Petra.
  • Day 6 to 7 – take your Limousine to Wadi Rum and stay overnight in a luxury camp. Hike and explore Wadi Rum.
  • Day 7 to 10 – Drive to Aqaba stay in a luxury 5 star resort. Snorkel and dive on the Red Sea
  • Day 10 – Fly back to Aqaba on Jordanian Airlines and fly home.

Day 1 – Luxury Jordan Trip:

I have travelled to Jordan 3 times over the last 12 years. The first time arriving by yacht from Egypt. The second time to and from Turkey with normal airport security and the third time to and from London on BA. Understandably security at Amman Airport flying to the UK is absolutely very tight indeed! For example, flying to Turkey I could keep my Laptop in the cabin but the rules are that this goes in the hold on BA flights. Obviously check before you travel, the rules change all the time!

A super, modern and efficient airport. Stay overnight at one of the top International hotels and explore Amman the next day. Staying in top 5 star hotels in this part of the Middle East is a delight because the prices are so reasonable! Read ‘What to do in Amman’ here:


Day 2 to 5 – Luxury Jordan Trip:

Organise a Limousine and driver (your hotel will do this for you) and drive for under an hour to the Dead Sea. It is perfectly fine to drive yourself, my driving licence expired so I had to change my plans and take a driver at the last minute! The most extraordinary place and the lowest point on earth at 400 metres below sea level! Enjoy the ear popping drive down to the Dead Sea and stay at one of the many top International Hotels/resorts here. Receive a warm welcome with some tea:


I stayed at Kempinski Ishtar Dead Sea and Movenpick Dead Sea on two different visits and recommend both of these choices. Set right on the Dead Sea which is the most relaxing place on earth in my opinion! Enjoy floating on the Dead Sea and the therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea Mud. Indulge in some wonderful Spa treatments too.


The Dead Sea is a good base to enjoy nearby places of interest. Explore and come back to the comfort and luxury of your Dead Sea resort. Mount Nebo and Madaba are only a half hour drive away.

Some interesting places to visit nearby which are great for a half day trip:

  • Jordan River Baptismal Site
  • Mujiz Nature Reserve
  • Cerak Castle
  • Dead Sea Museum

Day 5 – Luxury Jordan Trip:

Hop back in your Chauffeur driven Mercedes and drive to Petra, the magnificent pink city built by the Nabatians and now one of the 7 modern wonders of the world. It is a 3 hour drive from Dead Sea to Petra. Too far for a Day trip and I stayed overnight at Movenpick Petra. I have hotel reviews for every hotel I stayed in Jordan from Amman to Aqaba! There are too many to link here, just use the search box on the right hand side of this page.


This was an excellent plan, I enjoyed Petra in the evening and early morning when the bus loads of tourists had long departed.


For me, 18 hours in Petra was long enough to explore. I know many enthusiasts will want to stay longer! Read more about my Jordan trip in more detail here:

Day 6 – Luxury Jordan Trip

Another drive South, this time to Wadi Rum. Explore this Red Rock wilderness that is stunningly beautiful. The setting for many movies and you will see why, it is so unique. The drive to Wadi Rum should be under 2 hours from Petra.

PHOTO: Wadi Rum Luxury Camp

I stayed overnight in a luxury camp because I wanted to sleep in the desert and hike at dusk and dawn. However, this is a luxury trip and it is not necessary to stay in the desert if the idea of a tent fills you with horror!

Although I enjoyed a big comfortable bed, heating and ensuite bathroom – it is still a tent! However, I enjoyed the experience and it is magical waking up in the desert. I was lucky, staying in January the camp was almost empty, it would not be so enjoyable full of other people to be honest.

If you do not relish the idea of camping then I recommend driving from Petra enjoy a full day exploring Wadi Rum then drive South to Aqaba and stay in one of the luxury resorts. The drive from Wadi Rum to Aqaba is 1 hour 30 minutes. Read more about my Wadi Rum trip here:

Day 7 to 10 – Luxury Jordan Trip

Hop back in your car and drive to Aqaba. This will take an hour and a half. Check in to one of the luxury resorts and enjoy a bit of luxury and pampering after your desert explorations! I stayed at the Movenpick Resorts but there are many to choose including Hyatt and Kempinski. A massage was the perfect treat after a desert trek. Read about my Spa treat here:

The town of Aqaba is not exactly luxurious but the resorts are very cool. The whole point of this area is to enjoy the incredible Marine life in the Red Sea. Enjoy diving or Snorkelling a take a boat out to the Coral Reefs.


Take a look at the photo above, where I stand in Aqaba I can see Israel to the left, Saudi straight ahead and Egypt across the sea to the right! My stay in Aqaba was in January and the weather was glorious. Read more in my Jordan blog, link above and all the hotel reviews are here on my blog.

What to wear? Here is my packing list for Jordan:

Relaxed and revived after a stay in a luxury resort, Spa treatments and a couple of days at sea swimming, snorkelling or diving it is time to leave. Fly back to Amman on Jordanian Airways flight to Amman which only takes half an hour and catch your flight home. OR, if you are flying to the UK and can face an Easyjet flight for 4 hours, they fly direct from Aqaba to London.

Do not forget to try some delicious Jordanian dishes during your trip, buy some beautiful Jordanian embroidered clothes, Spices and all sorts of exotic delights. Let me know how you enjoy your trip!

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