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3 Favourite things to do in Corfu

PHOTO: 3 Favourite things to do in Corfu

3 Favourite things to do in Corfu.  Well, my trip only lasted 3 days but I packed a lot in to the time!  You must definitely visit Corfu Old Town, such a charming place to explore with little restaurants, shops and a fascinating Church.  Also, Mouse Island was a delight and is one of the most photographed places in Corfu.  Read my luxury travel blog!

If you are lucky enough to stay at a Grecotel resort they can arrange a private visit to Danilia Village, which was an unmissable treat and definitely a favourite.  They can organise all of these trips and many more.

1.Corfu Old Town:

PHOTO: Arriving at Corfu Old Town with Grecotel Pontoon

The best way is to arrive by sea, with views of the Fortified Port. I was lucky enough to take the Grecotel Pontoon from Grecotel Corfu Imperial.  Corfu Old Town is a UNESCO World heritage site since 2007, deservedly so, because it is an enchanting town choc full of history from as far back as the 8th century BC.

PHOTO: Corfu Old Town – 3 Favourite things to do in Corfu

Something interesting at every turn in Corfu Old Town.

2. Danilia Model Village:

Danilia Village is owned by Grecotel, it is the most delightful place to visit, designed in the style of a 1930’s Corfu village.  Host to various movies, including James Bond ‘For Your Eyes Only’.  Fun to try and spot The Durrells on set locations filmed here.

PHOTO: Danilia Village a favourite place to visit 

Such a treat! If you stay at a Grecotel in Corfu, they can arrange a complimentary private visit for you to Danilia. Village.  It is used for filming some scenes in The Durrells, an english TV program on the BBC right now and very popular in the UK!

PHOTO: Danilia Village scenes

If you watch the show you will recognise the market scenes and street scenes.  Then take a look in the pretty village Church, where you can actually get married!  You can also book this for a party or event.  I loved the pretty open air Tavern.  So fun to explore this Corfiot village.

3.  Mouse Island

Think about a visit to Mouse Island! So idyllic and home to a 13th century Byzantine Church.  Also visit the Vlaherna Monastery.  Climb up the hill and relax in one of the cafe’s to admire the spectacular views.

PHOTO: Mouse Island Corfu

One of the most popular sites to visit in Corfu so go early or later in the evening avoid the crowds. So, these are my 3 favourite things to do in Corfu.


Grecotel Corfu Imperial:  I stayed at the superb five star resort Grecotel Corfu Imperial

PHOTO: Grecotel Corfu Imperial

Read my review here:

Grecotel Corfu Imperial Review

I would go back in a heartbeat… such a special hotel with top Class restaurants, exquisite Villas , Suites and Deluxe Rooms.  Set on a beautiful, privately owned Peninsula with sister hotels nearby.  This is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the island in peace and quiet.

PHOTO: Grecotel Corfu Imperial

PHOTO: Grecotel Corfu Imperial – My Dream Villa

Read my review of the many exceptional restaurants at Grecotel Corfu Imperial.  An exceptional hotel, with wonderful friendly staff.  You will feel at home and totally relaxed from the moment you arrive until the time you leave!

Grecotel Eva Palace:  

Set on the same Cap is the impressive Eva Palace, with one of the most magnificent swimming pools I have ever seen!  Another stylish and chic hotel with fabulous, world Class restaurants.  Read my restaurant review coming soon.  Again, the same exceptional staff, professional, efficient and friendly.

PHOTO: Grecotel Eva Palace

PHOTO: Grecotel Eva Palace Swimming Pool Day and Night

Superb entertainment in the evening at all the Grecotel resorts in Corfu.  I love privately owned hotel groups, you always have extra special service and feel like an important guest.

Grecotel Lux ME Daphnia Bay Dassia Hotel:

Grecotel Daphnila Bay Dassia

PHOTO: Grecotel Daphnia Bay Dassia

A great choice for families, a luxury  all inclusive hotel with wonderful restaurant choices, set in a beautiful bay.  Read my restaurant review.  I enjoyed my trip to the hotel for lunch, water sports and wine tasting! Isn’t that a great combination?  Recently renovated, it looks fantastic with super chic Guest rooms. 7 tennis courts and so many watersports.

The perfect family choice, the little ones will have the best time and enjoy all of the activities.

PHOTO: Grecotel Daphnia Bay 

My photo shows the welcome drinks (delicious!) stylish rooms and lounge.  Lunch at the traditional Greek Taverna was a memorable meal.  Read about it in my Restaurant review HERE:

Grecotel Corfu Restaurant Reviews – Indulge in real luxury dining



FLIGHTS:  I flew from London to Corfu via Athens with http://aegeanair.com

Tip:  Take a look at Aegean Airlines website, great flight prices particularly if you can fly out of high season!