Are Backpacking Backpacks Waterproof?

By Robert Palmer

Backpacking backpacks are essential for outdoorsy people who love trekking and exploring the great outdoors. But are they waterproof? This is an important question to ask before investing in a backpack, as it can make all the difference on a very wet and rainy day.

The truth is that not all backpacking backpacks are waterproof. Some may have a water-resistant coating or material, while others may be made of fully waterproof fabrics like nylon and polyester.

It depends on the manufacturer, quality, and features of the backpack. Some manufacturers use waterproof zippers, while others use standard zippers.

Some backpacks come with their own rain cover that can be used in wet weather conditions. This cover can provide extra protection from rain and moisture, but it will also add some extra weight to the backpack. The cover should also be checked for seams and other areas where water could seep in.

It’s also important to look at how the backpack is constructed. A good quality backpack should have sealed seams to prevent water from getting inside. The straps should also be strong enough to keep the pack secure in rough weather conditions.


In conclusion, not all backpacking backpacks are waterproof, but some have water-resistant or fully waterproof materials and features that can help protect your belongings from rain or moisture. It’s important to check the construction of the bag as well as any additional features such as a rain cover before purchasing one.