Are Cruise Ship Cruising Now?

By Alice Nichols

Cruise ships have always been an attractive option for people looking to travel far and wide while still enjoying a number of amenities. Cruise ships offer a variety of activities and destinations, making them ideal for those who want to explore the world but don’t necessarily have the budget to do so.

With cruise lines adding more stops, more attractions, and more luxury options, cruising has become increasingly popular over the last decade.

However, with the ongoing pandemic, many potential cruisers are questioning whether or not it is safe to embark on a cruise ship at this time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued guidelines for cruise ships in an effort to ensure that passengers stay safe while traveling. The guidelines focus on implementing social distancing measures, increasing sanitation protocols, and requiring passengers to wear face coverings in public areas.

Cruise lines have also implemented additional health measures such as temperature screening upon boarding, enhanced medical screenings prior to embarkation, mandatory 14-day quarantines before boarding, mandatory symptom monitoring through daily surveys, contact tracing capability onboard ships, and more.

In addition to these measures taken by cruise lines themselves, many countries have imposed restrictions on cruise ship travelers due to fears surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The United States currently requires all incoming travelers from foreign countries – including those arriving by cruise ship – to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Similarly, some countries require all visitors arriving by sea – regardless of their nationality – to quarantine upon arrival.

Ultimately it is up to each individual traveler to decide if they feel comfortable cruising during this time. Cruise lines are doing their best to ensure the safety of their passengers by implementing a variety of safety protocols and measures that are designed with the health and wellbeing of everyone onboard in mind. However given the current situation it is important for potential cruisers to be aware of any relevant travel restrictions before booking a cruise in order to avoid any surprises or delays along the way.