Are Quilts Good for Backpacking?

By Michael Ferguson

Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or just getting started, you’ve likely heard of quilts. Quilts are becoming increasingly popular with the backpacking community because they offer numerous advantages over traditional sleeping bags.

But are they really good for backpacking? The answer is yes! Quilts offer several advantages that make them great for use on the trail and in the backcountry.

The first advantage of quilts is their lightweight design. Quilts are designed to be lightweight but still provide warmth and comfort.

This makes them ideal for backpacking, as you don’t want to be carrying extra weight when you’re out in the wilderness. Quilts can also be easily folded up and stored, making them easy to pack and carry.

Another advantage of quilts is their versatility. Unlike traditional sleeping bags, quilts can be used in different ways depending on the temperature and weather conditions.

In colder temperatures, a quilt can be used as a blanket or even a cocoon-like shape that wraps around your body for extra warmth. In milder temperatures, they can be used as a light sheet or even an over-sized blanket to keep you warm at night.

Finally, quilts are more breathable than traditional sleeping bags. This helps keep you cool on hot summer nights when traditional sleeping bags may become too stuffy and uncomfortable. Quilts help keep air moving around your body so that your temperature stays regulated throughout the night.

In conclusion, quilts are an excellent option for backpacking trips because they are lightweight, versatile, and breathable. Whether you’re looking for an ultra-lightweight shelter or extra warmth on cold nights, quilts can provide all of these benefits without weighing down your pack or taking up too much space in your bag. With all these advantages, it’s easy to see why quilts have become so popular with backpackers!