5 Top Tips for a Trip to the Atlas Mountains

Beautiful Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Note: This was written pre Covid 19 days.  Please check on the gov.uk website for travel restrictions.

My 5 Top Tips for a Trip to the Atlas Mountains.  Are you taking a trip to Marrakesh?  Make time to get out to the Atlas Mountains.  They are only a two hour drive from the city and so breathtaking,  I would not miss the chance to get out there and see for yourself.

I took a couple of day trips out from Marrakesh, but next visit I will definitely go and stay out in the mountains at Kasbah Tarandot.  More later!

TIP No.1:

Rent a car if you are staying in Marrakesh  and enjoy a memorable day or two exploring the mountains.  The morning was spent winding our way up higher and higher,  stopping to take in the view on the way.  The driving is easy.  Read about my self drive trip here:

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For my first ever trip I hired a car and driver, which some people prefer.  You can just sit back and enjoy the view.  My next trip was a self drive trip and I prefer this option, you can please yourself, take a detour and are not obliged to go where the guide takes you.

Photo: Explore the mountains

The road from Marrakesh to the Atlas Mountains

An easy drive into the mountains, one long road ahead.  The roads are well kept, the cars modern and drivers are careful.  Tip: Speed traps are common, so watch your speed.

Spot Goats, Donkeys and wonderful views en route.  This is such an interesting drive, step back in time!

PHOTO:  Drive from Marrakesh to the Atlas Mountains

It is possible to go out to the mountains for a day.  However, a two day trip is more relaxing.  2 hours there, 2 hours back is a lot of driving!  There are some super Kasbahs to stay in too.  Also if you want to hike (definitely recommended) it is good to shower and relax afterwards.  Then get a delicious dinner in the Atlas mountains at your Kasbah.

Top Tip No.2:

PHOTO: I ‘borrowed’ this bike for a photo!

If you hire a car and drive yourself watch out for speed traps!  I have never seen so many police catching speeding motorists, they have very strict speeding laws.  Also, make sure you buckle up or prepare for an on the spot fine.

Morocco is perfectly safe with well maintained cars and good roads.  It was a pleasant surprise. Just make sure you stick to the speed limit.

Top Tip No.3:

Ignore all the warnings you have read!  I avoided Morocco for years after being told ‘You will be hassled all the time, and it is not safe!’  and ‘It is so dirty everywhere’, ‘Marie, you will hate it!’.  Well, regular Divalicious readers know just what a pampered Princess I can be and I just loved it!  My advice is ignore all those warnings.  If a street vendor tries to sell you something (remember the poor chap is just trying to earn a crust for goodness sake!)  Do NOT engage in conversation, politely ignore.

I felt perfectly safe at all times, was not hassled in any way.  Morocco is a surprisingly enlightened country compared with others in the region and Marrakesh is a wonderful melting pot of cultures.  The people are a delight and you will love them!  This comes from a tall blond who doesn’t exactly blend in with the locals.

Top Tip No.4:

PHOTO: Kasbah Tamadot:

Visit Kasbah Tamadot.  This is a very special place, above and beyond Diva expectations.  Friends of mine stayed there and recommended a visit.  I was not disappointed and I will be back to stay.  The location is magical and the hotel is a perfect mountain retreat in every way.  The staff are a delight.  The hotel, with its Berber tent suite accommodation is just a heavenly, with exquisitely tasteful design and spectacular mountain views.  I almost cried  and clung to the gatepost when it was time to leave! (I didn’t really, but you know what I mean?)

Lunch with a view anyone?

Start saving now, it is worth every penny!  The suites, designed in the style of traditional berber tents, are the epitome of understated chic.

PHOTO:  Kasbah Tarandot, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Although we only stopped for lunch, the Kasbah provided us with a Guide for a short hike, reusable waterbottles for the hike and Towels and toiletries to shower afterwards.

Suite with a view of the mountains

Everywhere at Kasbah Tamadot is super chic, it is impossible to take a bad photo.  Lunch was simple but delicious.

Kasbah Tamadot, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

I enjoyed meeting the resident pets, including Camels, Goats, Donkeys, Mules and even Peacocks.

Even the Camels are friendly at Kasbah Tamadot!

TIP No.5:

Hike in the Atlas Mountains!  Whether you make time for a post prandial stroll or a two day trek, just walk and breathe in the pure mountain air and enjoy the views!

After lunch, we asked the hotel for advice on a suitable short hike.  They were amazing and provided us with water, a map and even a guide to set us off along the right track.  We were invited to shower on our return.  Such wonderful hospitality considering we only stopped for lunch!

Hike with a view at Kasbah Tamadot

I look forward to returning to http://www.kasbahtamadot.com

After lunch we clambered back into the 4 x 4 and drove on to a Lake about another 20 minutes further into the mountains.

PHOTO: Lake in the Atlas Mountains

We were really tired by this time, the fresh mountain air, a good lunch and hike completely finished us off. We drove serenely back down the mountain to Marrakesh and a nap before dinner!  However, if you have time do stay overnight in the Atlas Mountains.

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