Can Employees Use Airbnb for Business Travel?

By Michael Ferguson

Businesses have traditionally used hotels for employee business travel. But with the rise of Airbnb, many businesses are now asking if employees can use Airbnb for business travel.

In short, yes, employees can use Airbnb for business travel.

Companies can set up accounts with Airbnb and book rooms for their employees on corporate trips. Companies can also pay for the employee’s stay directly from their own corporate credit card. This eliminates the need for employees to pay out of pocket and be reimbursed later.

Advantages of Using Airbnb for Business Travel

  • Cost savings: Airbnb often offers cheaper rates than hotels, so companies could save money by using it.
  • Flexibility: Airbnb offers a wide range of accommodations, from shared rooms to private villas, so there is something to fit any budget and preference.
  • Convenience: Employees don’t have to worry about finding a hotel or making reservations. The company can book the entire trip in one go.

Disadvantages of Using Airbnb for Business Travel

  • Uncertainty: With hotels, you know exactly what you’re getting. With Airbnb, there’s always a chance that the property may not meet expectations.
  • Insurance: Hotels usually offer some sort of insurance in case something goes wrong during your stay. With Airbnb, this is not always the case.


In conclusion, yes, employees can use Airbnb for business travel if their company allows it. There are numerous advantages to using it over traditional hotels and businesses can save money in the process. However, there are some drawbacks that must be considered before making the switch.