Can You Get Off the Ship on a Cruise?

By Robert Palmer

Cruise ships are a great way to have a relaxing, fun-filled vacation while seeing some of the world’s most interesting places. But when you’re on a cruise, can you get off the ship? The answer is yes – but with some caveats.

First and foremost, you won’t be able to leave the ship just anywhere. Cruise lines limit disembarkation to certain ports of call where the ship is legally permitted to dock.

This means that if your cruise ship doesn’t make a stop in a place where you want to go, then you won’t be able to get off the ship. There may also be port fees associated with leaving the ship at certain destinations.

Once you’ve arrived at an approved port of call, there are still restrictions on getting off the ship. Most cruise lines require that all passengers have permission from one of their officials before they can disembark. This permission is usually granted after checking your identification and ensuring that you meet any special requirements for visiting a particular port (such as having a visa).

Cruise ships also typically have designated arrival and departure times for each port of call. You must make sure that you board the ship before its departure time in order to stay on board for the rest of the voyage. If you miss this deadline, then it’s likely that you won’t be allowed back onto the ship and will need to find alternate transportation back home or wherever your final destination may be.


It’s possible to get off a cruise ship during its trip, but there are several restrictions in place such as requiring permission from an official, arriving and departing at designated times, and possibly having additional fees if necessary. Despite these limitations, it can still be a great way to see new places while taking advantage of all that cruises have to offer.