Can You Sneak Wine on a Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

Sneaking wine on a cruise ship is something that many passengers consider when they are packing for their vacation. After all, cruise ships can be expensive, and if you’re looking to save a few dollars, bringing your own beverage on board is an attractive option. But is it allowed? The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think.

The majority of cruise lines do not allow passengers to bring personal alcohol on board. This is because they make money from the sale of drinks in their bars and restaurants. If people were allowed to bring their own drinks, then the cruise line would suffer financially.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

Some cruise lines allow passengers to bring up to two bottles of wine per cabin, but only if they are sealed and unopened. This means that passengers cannot drink the wine on board; they can only take it home with them at the end of the trip.

Another option is to purchase a “wine package” from the cruise line. These packages typically include a selection of wines that can be served at dinner or enjoyed in your cabin. While these packages are more expensive than bringing your own wine, they do allow you to enjoy a glass or two without breaking any rules.

Finally, some cruises also offer “corkage fees” which allow passengers to bring their own bottle of wine onboard for a fee. This fee typically covers the cost of providing glasses and opening the bottle for you.


So while it’s technically not allowed to sneak wine onto a cruise ship, there are certain exceptions that will allow you to enjoy your favorite beverage during your voyage. Whether you choose to purchase a wine package or pay a corkage fee, there are ways that you can enjoy your favorite vino while still following the rules.