Can You Survive a Fall From Cruise Ship?

By Michael Ferguson

A fall from a cruise ship is a pretty serious matter. It can be fatal, and if you do survive, it could leave you with some severe injuries.

It’s important to know what to do if you find yourself in this precarious situation. Here are some tips for surviving a fall from a cruise ship.

Be Prepared

If you are planning to go on a cruise, make sure that you are familiar with the safety regulations of the vessel. Learn how to use the life preservers and other safety devices so that you can be better prepared in case of an emergency. Also, make sure that your clothing is suitable for the weather conditions of the area where you will be traveling.

Know Where To Go

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of falling off the ship, it’s important to know where to go and how to get there. You should try to swim towards any nearby land or an island if possible. If there isn’t any land or island nearby, then try and look for any large objects floating in the water such as logs or buoys that may provide some buoyancy.

Stay Calm

When falling off a cruise ship, it is easy to panic as your mind can go blank due to fear. Try not to freak out and stay calm as much as possible.

Panic will only make it more difficult for yourself to swim or navigate your way back towards land. Try to take deep breaths and focus on reaching your destination safely.

Call For Help

It is also important that you try and call for help if possible. Most ships have emergency systems in place where they can send out an alarm or signal that will alert other vessels of distress in the area. You should also keep an eye out for rescue boats or other vessels that may be able to help.


In conclusion, although surviving a fall from a cruise ship may seem impossible, it is not impossible with the right preparation and knowledge. By being prepared beforehand, staying calm during an emergency situation, knowing where to go and calling for help when needed – all these steps combined can significantly increase your chances of survival should you ever find yourself in this precarious situation!