Can You Track a Cruise Ship Online?

By Alice Nichols

Cruise ships are a great way to see the world and a fun way to experience a unique holiday. The vast majority of cruise ships are now equipped with the latest technology, including GPS tracking systems, allowing you to track their location in real-time. So, if you’re wondering whether or not you can track a cruise ship online, the answer is yes!

In order to track a cruise ship online, you will need to access the tracking system via a website or an app. This is usually provided by the cruise line itself or by third-party providers such as MarineTraffic or AISLive. By using these services, you can view the exact location of your chosen ship as well as its estimated arrival time at ports of call and other information about its current voyage.

Each cruise line has their own tracking system that allows passengers and their families to keep up-to-date with their loved ones’ whereabouts at all times. Some lines even offer options such as ‘virtual onboarding’ which allows passengers to explore the ship before they board. Once on board, passengers can use interactive maps and apps to make sure they don’t get lost while on board.

Tracking Cruise Ship Routes
In addition to tracking individual ships, some services also offer tracking of specific cruise routes. This means that users can monitor multiple ships travelling along the same route simultaneously. This is useful for those who are planning a future cruise as they can get an idea of how long it takes for different vessels to reach certain ports or destinations.


Overall, it is now possible to track a cruise ship online thanks to GPS technology and third-party services such as MarineTraffic and AISLive. This not only provides peace of mind for passengers but also allows them to explore their chosen ship before boarding and keep track of its progress throughout their voyage.