Can You Travel Spain on a Budget?

By Robert Palmer

Spain is one of the most popular countries to visit in Europe and it is easy to see why. With beautiful cities, stunning beaches, cultural attractions and delicious cuisine, there is something for everyone.

However, many travelers are put off by the perception that Spain is an expensive country to visit. But with careful planning and some savvy budgeting strategies, it is possible to explore this exciting country without breaking the bank.

Accommodation in Spain can be costly if you’re not careful with your choices. However, there are plenty of budget-friendly options available.

Hostels are a great choice for solo travelers or groups looking to save money on accommodation. You can also look into renting an apartment or house through Airbnb or other similar sites. This can be a great way to save money while still having access to all the amenities you need.

When it comes to meals, Spain has plenty of delicious yet affordable options. Tapas bars are a great way to sample local cuisine without breaking the bank. You can also choose restaurants that offer lunchtime set menus – these usually come at a fraction of the cost of dinner menus.

Public transportation in Spain is reliable and affordable – making it an ideal option for budget travelers. Rail passes are often available for those who plan on taking multiple trips around the country. Alternatively, you can purchase individual tickets as needed.

Free activities abound in Spain – from exploring historical buildings and monuments to walking around city parks and taking part in free walking tours (many cities offer these). Museums also often offer free entry one day each month – so do some research ahead of time and plan your trip accordingly!

With careful planning and budgeting strategies, it’s possible to travel around Spain without breaking the bank! Accommodation choices such as hostels or renting apartments through Airbnb will help keep costs down, as will opting for lunchtime set menus when eating out and using public transportation when getting around.


Yes, you can travel around Spain on a budget! With careful planning and some savvy budgeting strategies, anyone can enjoy all that this beautiful country has to offer without spending too much money.