Can You Work on a Cruise Ship as a Couple?

By Anna Duncan

Cruise ships offer a unique workplace for couples who are looking for a change of scenery and lifestyle. Working on a cruise ship as a couple can be an exciting and rewarding experience, as long as you know what to expect and have the right skills.

The most important thing to consider when applying for jobs on a cruise ship is that both applicants must meet the qualifications required by the specific job. For example, certain positions may require certain certifications or degrees, so it’s important to make sure that both partners have the necessary qualifications. Additionally, some positions may only be open to couples who have both been employed on ships before.

When applying for cruise ship jobs, couples should also take into consideration their lifestyle preferences. Depending on the cruise line, there may be opportunities to work together in similar roles or different roles. It’s also important to think about how much time they would like to spend together each day and what kind of hours they would prefer working.

It’s also essential for couples considering working on cruise ships to understand what their salary and benefits will be. Cruise lines typically offer competitive wages and benefits packages, but these can vary depending on the type of job and the cruise line itself. Couples should also inquire about vacation time, meals, accommodation and other perks before committing to any job.


Working on a cruise ship as a couple can be an exciting and rewarding experience if done right. Both partners must meet the qualifications required by their desired jobs, consider their lifestyle preferences, understand their salary/benefits package and inquire about vacation time/meals/accommodation before applying. With careful planning and research, couples can find the perfect job aboard one of many amazing cruise lines!