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Great Business Class Flight Deals- How to get cheap flight tickets





Book great Business Class flight deals with Emirates now!  If you don’t want to splurge, how about London to Australia economy for £650, tickets available for this autumn.  Check out the Emirates website now!



How to find cheap business class flights.  Do you want to live a Champagne lifestyle on a beer budget? I love to save money, who doesn’t?    Who wants to pay London to Jakarta roundtrip economyfull price when everyone else has paid 50%?  There are a few tips and hacks that can help everyone enjoy the finer things in life. Here are my luxury travel blogger recommendations, enjoy my luxury travel blog.


UPGRADE AN ECONOMY TICKET: Buy an economy ticket and then upgrade to Business just before you fly.  This is a bit of a gamble, but if an airline has not sold many Business Class tickets they sometimes offer you a reduced price fare or you can place a bid for an upgrade. Might be worth a try!


DO NOT PAY FULL PRICE! The airlines start off with full price business fares and then reduce them by means of special offers, 2 for 1 deals and all sorts of incentives.  Qatar and Etihad have some great offers.  Oman Air is always great value and a super airline.

I recently bought a London to Marrakesh flight in the British Airways sale, and at the end of last year bought a British Airways ‘Black Friday Sale’ bargain from London to Abu Dhabi.  All Business Class of course.  At the same time I still accrue a nice lot of Avios points for all the flights! I’m a happy bunny.

So, sign up for all the Airline emails and you will be notified when they are having a sale.

PHOTO: My discounted Business Class Flight to Abu Dhabi 

If you cannot wait for a sale to come along, then get hunting online!  There are some brilliant bargains to be had, you just have to spend time hunting them down!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

My favourite Discount Websites:

Momondo This is one of my my favourite sites at the moment.  There are not many Business Class tickets on here but hunt them out!  Really great for bargain hotels, holidays and economy flights.  http://www.secretflying.com

Another favourite and one I refer to very often is http://www.kayak.com I have mentioned it before but it is still an excellent site for cheap deals. I always check on Kayak for the best deals on everything from Car Hire to hotels.

I refer to Google Flights http://www.google.com

Google flights instantly show a lot  the cheapest flights options.  However, I double check with Kayak that these are the cheapest available.


Airline Credit Cards

Most airlines offer their own credit cards with a juicy incentive of airline points if you spend a certain amount on the card.  Only do this if you are going to pay of the amount you spend, in full, at the end of each month.  The points will add up very nicely quite quickly!

These cards are very enticing but DO NOT use them if you cannot pay off the amount you spend each month.  The interest rates are shockingly high.

However, if you can pay off in full this is a great way of getting a lot of points very quickly.

Remove Browser History

I’ve mentioned this before too, but delete all browser history before finally booking your flight.  The price goes up every time you look at the Airline website!

PHOTO:Save money for other lovely treats!

Search for unusual routes:

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!  I am looking for flights to Asia right now.  I am using GOOGLE FLIGHTS to help me find unusual routes and airlines. Use Kayak and Google flights to help you search for unusual routes.

For example, there are some fantastic Business Class flights out of Eastern Europe at the moment.  If you are saving well into four figures, for a long haul flight it is worth a slight inconvenience of another short hop to Prague for example.

There are some great offers flying through Northern Europe too!

Travel out of season:

Stay in Monaco or South of France early Spring for a fraction of the high season price!

Yes, you can stay in the best hotels in the world for peppercorn prices!  It just means avoiding high season. For example have a lovely winter stay at a top South of France 5* Hotel for 10% of the high season rate.  Yes, 10% and you will avoid the crowds too.

Who wants to travel in high season? Not me that is for sure.

St Tropez without the crowds! Perfect

I travelled to Morocco out of season and loved the quiet, crowd free time to visit.

PHOTO: Morocco

How to find cheap business class flights! Have fun searching, make sure you have email alerts for all your future trips to keep you up to date!  Let me know if you find any great bargains.


Fellow bloggers always seem to spot these!  So far, I have not been lucky….. but you might be!  Check out CheapflightLab 


Let me know if you get lucky with an error fare! Remember, the airline might cancel the error flight, so beware. Great business class flight deals –  how to get cheap flight tickets.