“Chess in Art” Book Review

PHOTO: Chess in Art

Do you remember receiving your first Chess Set as a child? I do! A beautiful wooden set and then my Dad taught me how to play. Chess has played an important part in all our lives and stretches back into history. 800 years back.

“Chess in Art” is a glorious book that documents hundreds of paintings through the ages that feature Chess as the subject. This lovely gift has pride of place on my table, to share with guests when they visit.

PHOTO: Chess in Art

Open the Black and White cover to discover a beautiful book with jewel coloured photographs tracing the History of Chess in Art. Author Peter Herel Raabestein traces the 800 year history of Chess through beautiful paintings by 700 artists.

PHOTO: Chess in Art by Peter Herel Raabenstein

This fascinating Book starts in 1100 and continues right through to the start of the 20th century. I was absorbed for hours looking at the paintings in chronological order through time. The outfits of the people in the paintings might change as time goes on, but the enjoyment, concentration and interaction remain the same. Also, the basic Chess Board remains unchanged through the centuries and is played throughout the world. Let us hope this may continue long into the future.

If you have an interest in Art, Chess or Art History then you will love this book! Definitely the perfect gift too, something a little bit different to share.

Take a Look at the Chess in Art Website for more information and to buy this book to keep forever. Chess in Art http://chessinart.com

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