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Club1 Hotels – Free Membership for a year!

Club1 Hotels – Free Membership for a year!  Yup, Free Membership for all my lovely readers.  I have joined Club1 Hotels, which is a luxury travel booking site for members only and Club1 Hotels are inviting you to join free too!

Regular Diva readers know that I love a bargain.  I write endless blogs about finding a great deal and saving our hard earned dosh.  Well, Club1 Hotels offer real hotel deals with guaranteed savings.  This morning I am searching for some up coming trips and really enjoying discovering the best and exclusive rates with my Club1 Hotels membership!

Why don’t you join too?  It is free for a year, you don’t need a credit card to join and can leave at any time.  There really is nothing to lose and everything to gain!  There is usually a fee for the membership, so sign up and enjoy this FREE One Year Membership deal.

I signed up and accessed the Members only site straight away.

PHOTO: Enjoy the benefits of Club1 Hotels

Here are some of the Top features:


As a member, if you find a cheaper hotel rate elsewhere Club1 Hotels will beat the rate by

$20 per night guaranteed savings at 4 star hotels up to $50 and $25 per night guaranteed savings at 5 star hotels up to $100.

Club1 Hotels offer more room types too, which is important for the luxury market, we want the very best obviously!  They also have a Concierge Membership Service and members can upgrade to earn Air Miles for every booking.

You will enjoy access to wholesale hotel rates never normally made available to the public, last room availability.  AND its not just hotels, for all you Cruise bunnies out there you will have wholesale rates on 15 luxury Cruise Lines.

Also savings of up to 57% are available on a range of activities, attractions and Golf courses.

They really have thought of everything for the luxury market because you can enjoy exclusive discounts on car rentals, chauffeured services and large luggage pick up and delivery service to over 130 countries.  Exciting isn’t it!  we all love finding a great deal.

You will also have a Free subscription to Business Traveller Magazine.  If you want, upgrade and earn airline miles with every dollar spent on hotels and car rentals.

Club1 Hotels have over 20 International Airline partners including United Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Etihad Airlines, Air Asia, Philippines Airlines, Jet Privilege, Jet Airways and many more.

Join for free here: