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Contact Marie

Contact me:

Email: luxurytraveldiva1@gmail.com

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/luxetraveldiva

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/luxurytraveldiva/

Pinterest:  marietraveldiva


“How may followers/page views do you have a month?”  This  is the question Travel Bloggers are asked all the time.  The questions should be “How many people follow in your footsteps?”, “How many clients do you bring to the hotel/resort/travel company?”, “How many repeat invitations do you receive from PR’s and hotel groups?”.

Media pack on request. I have a reach of 250,000 a month with the blog and social media including FB, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Flipboard and articles in publications around the world.  80,000 social media followers.

I write about places, hotels and restaurants that  I love during my travels.   I  enjoy sharing them with you and hope that the information will be useful. My aim is to offer trusted advice and information for my loyal readers.

I love to discover new beauty products, clothes and all things useful for travel too!

Contact me if you would like to work with me during my travels around the globe. I will only write about places I have visited personally – you will be very welcome!

2018 Russia, Jordan, Malta, Morocco, Italy, France, Dubai, Corfu, Crete and Uganda, Lebanon.

2019: Monaco, France, Italy, Barbados, Finland, Spain and Bali.

Later this year:  Mongolia, Russia, Sweden, Nepal, Himalayas, Spain, Italy, France, Monaco.

I  welcome invitations if they fit with my luxury brief.
I will be more than happy to look at any suggestions/ideas/requests.

I will respond to all feedback and look forward to hearing from you!


Some of the products and clothes are gifted to me. I only accept gifts from companies that I love and use all the time. If I write about something and say I like it, I really do like it and use it.

Also, some of my trips are Press Trips, invitations or subsidised. I only go to places that I really like so my recommendations are always impartial.