Could a Whale Sink a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

The ocean is a mysterious place, and some creatures that inhabit it can be equally as mysterious. One of the most impressive creatures to ever grace the oceans is the whale. These majestic creatures have long been famed for their size, strength, and power, but could they really be powerful enough to sink a cruise ship?

Whales come in many different sizes, with the biggest reaching lengths of up to 100 feet and weighing up to 190 tons. It’s hard to imagine such a large creature existing in our world, but it’s true. That being said, could a whale sink a cruise ship?

The answer isn’t cut and dry. There are many factors that would need to be taken into consideration before this could truly be determined.

For one, whales don’t typically attack ships. While they may occasionally show aggression towards smaller boats or dinghies, they usually shy away from larger vessels like cruise ships.

Another factor would be the sheer size of the cruise ship itself. Most modern cruise ships are huge – some even reaching up to 1,100 feet in length! A whale wouldn’t stand much of a chance against such an immense vessel.

Finally, there is also the fact that whales don’t typically attack things – they may bump into them from time to time out of curiosity or playfulness but rarely do they display any kind of aggression towards them.


In conclusion, it is highly unlikely that a whale would be able to sink a cruise ship due to their size and lack of aggression towards larger vessels. However, if provoked or startled enough by something much smaller than itself (like a boat or dinghy), then it is possible that it could cause significant damage.