Did a Cruise Ship Run Aground?

By Robert Palmer

On January 13th, 2021, the cruise ship MS Costa Deliziosa ran aground in the Adriatic Sea near Venice, Italy. The incident occurred when the ship attempted to berth in the port of Venice. There were 1,678 passengers and crew onboard at the time of the incident.

The cause of the grounding is still unknown, but initial reports suggest that strong winds caused by a severe storm were to blame. Fortunately, no one was injured during the incident and all passengers and crew were safely removed from the ship. The vessel was later towed to safety and no significant damage was reported.

The grounding incident has sparked a renewed debate about cruise ships operating in Venetian waters.There have long been concerns about cruise ships damaging Venice’s fragile ecosystem due to their size and weight. This latest incident has only heightened those concerns.


Italian authorities are currently investigating both the cause of the grounding and whether or not there were any violations of safety protocols. The Italian Coast Guard has launched an inquiry into whether or not safety regulations were followed in light of the storm conditions at sea.

The preliminary findings from this investigation will be released soon, although a full report is expected to take several months to complete. In addition, Costa Cruises – operator of MS Costa Deliziosa – has launched its own internal investigation into what happened.


It remains unclear what impact this incident will have on cruise operations in Venice going forward. However, it is likely that tighter regulations on ships operating in Venetian waters will be introduced as a result of this accident.


In conclusion, yes, a cruise ship did run aground in Venice on January 13th 2021 due to severe weather conditions at sea. No injuries occurred as a result of this incident and all passengers were safely evacuated from the vessel. An investigation is currently underway to determine what caused this accident and if any safety protocols were violated.