Did They Ever Find the Lady Who Jumped Off the Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

The story of the woman who jumped off a cruise ship captivated the public in April of 2016. The incident occurred when the Costa Magica was cruising from Brazil to Portugal. A woman, identified as Kay Longstaff, had gone out to the deck for a late night swim and somehow managed to fall overboard.

The crew immediately began searching for her, but it was too dark to see anything in the water. After several hours of searching, they were unable to find her and called in help from nearby vessels and a Portuguese naval vessel. An extensive search ensued that included some 900 square miles of ocean over two days.

Incredibly, Longstaff was eventually spotted by a rescue helicopter about 10 miles from where she had gone overboard. She was treading water and waving her arms in an effort to get help. The helicopter managed to lower a rescuer who pulled her out of the water and rushed her back to land where she was treated for hypothermia.

Miraculously, Longstaff survived her ordeal after being in the water for more than 10 hours! It is believed that she managed to stay afloat by using a yoga technique called “the madonna” which involves floating on your back while keeping your head above water.

The story of Longstaff’s incredible survival has since become an inspiration for many people around the world who are facing seemingly insurmountable odds. Her resilience has been an example of how determination and perseverance can lead us through difficult times.

Yes, they did find the lady who jumped off the cruise ship! It’s nothing short of miraculous that she survived after spending more than 10 hours in the ocean. Her bravery and tenacity serves as an inspiration for us all – no matter how bleak things may seem, there is always hope if we have faith in ourselves.