Do Cruise Ship Employees Make Good Money?

By Michael Ferguson

Cruise ship employees are employed in a wide variety of roles, from guest services to entertainment and housekeeping. Cruise ships are a unique working environment and the pay can vary greatly depending on the company, job and length of contract.

Cruise ship employees can make good money but the amount they earn is largely dependent on their position and experience. For example, a cruise line’s onboard staff such as room stewards, bartenders and waiters typically start at minimum wage, but may receive tips on top of their base salary from passengers who appreciate their service. Bartenders can also earn additional income from drink sales if they become popular with the passengers.

Other positions such as entertainment staff, photographers, spa workers and personal trainers may receive higher salaries for their role but also have to pay for their own uniforms, materials or other expenses out of pocket. Cruise lines often offer incentives or bonuses to encourage staff to stay on board longer which can increase overall earnings.

In addition to wages, cruise line employees may also receive benefits such as room and board while on board which could add up significantly over time. Additionally, food is often provided at no cost in the employee cafeteria which helps keep costs down while at sea. Some cruise lines also offer medical care for employees in case of illness or injury while at sea.

Overall, cruise ship employees can make good money if they are willing to put in the extra effort required by some positions or take advantage of bonus incentives offered by employers. However it is important for potential employees to research the company and position thoroughly before signing any contracts as wages vary greatly from one employer to another.

Conclusion: Do Cruise Ship Employees Make Good Money? The answer is yes; however it depends largely on the role taken up by the employee and the company offering it.

Wages may start low but there are opportunities to earn more through tips or bonuses offered by employers which can add up significantly over time. Additionally staff may benefit from free room and board while working on board a cruise ship which could help reduce costs significantly during employment periods at sea.