Do Cruise Ship Workers Make Good Money?

By Michael Ferguson

Cruise ship workers are often portrayed in a glamorous light, but do they really make good money? Working on a cruise ship can be a great way to travel and it can also provide a steady paycheck.

However, the pay for most positions is often lower than you might expect.

Cruise ship workers are typically paid by the hour and may be eligible for additional bonuses or tips based on performance. The base pay for many entry-level positions is quite low when compared to similar jobs on land.

For example, entry-level housekeeping staff may only make around $800 per month while restaurant waitstaff may make around $1000 per month.

The pay can vary depending on the type of cruise line and the length of the contract. Generally speaking, the more prestigious cruise lines tend to offer higher pay and better benefits packages. Longer contracts may also result in higher wages as workers gain experience and seniority with the company.

Cruise ship workers also have to contend with long hours and challenging working conditions. Many positions require employees to work 12 hour days or longer with little time for rest or relaxation. Additionally, workers must be able to handle difficult situations such as dealing with unruly passengers or responding to medical emergencies.


Overall, cruise ship workers do not make particularly good money when compared to land-based jobs in similar industries. However, working on a cruise ship can be an exciting way to travel and experience different cultures while earning some income.