Do Pools Close on a Cruise Ship?

By Robert Palmer

The answer is yes, they do. Cruise ships typically have multiple pools, and some of them may be open at all times, while others may close periodically. This typically depends on the size of the ship and the number of people onboard.

For instance, smaller ships may have one pool that is open continuously, with a few other pools that are only open during certain times of day or for specific activities. On larger ships, there may be multiple pools open at once, but some may close in order to balance out the traffic among them or for other reasons. On some cruise lines, like Carnival Cruises, there are even exclusive pools that require an additional fee to access.

In addition to size and number of passengers considerations, cruise lines might also close one or more pools due to inclement weather or for maintenance purposes. When this happens, passengers can usually find alternative ways to cool off such as saunas and jacuzzis.

The closure of a pool also has other implications for cruise passengers. For instance, many pool bars will close when the pool itself closes. If you’re looking forward to having a drink by the poolside bar after swimming in the pool, then you’ll need to check ahead of time whether or not it will remain open.


Do pools close on a cruise ship Yes they do – depending on the size and occupancy levels of the ship as well as other factors like inclement weather or maintenance needs. Cruise passengers should always check ahead of time if their preferred pool is going to be closed so as not to be disappointed when they get onboard!