Do You Have to Wear a Mask on a Cruise Ship?

By Alice Nichols

When people are asked ‘Do You Have to Wear a Mask on a Cruise Ship? ‘, the answer is usually yes. Cruise ships are one of the most common and popular ways to travel, and they now require that all passengers wear masks in public spaces.

This includes areas such as lobbies, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Most cruise lines also require masks to be worn in cabins, hallways, and even outdoors when social distancing can not be maintained.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued guidelines for travel on cruise ships during the Covid-19 pandemic. These guidelines include wearing face coverings when in public areas, maintaining social distancing when possible, and washing hands often with soap and water or using hand sanitizer.

Additionally, the CDC recommends wearing a cloth face covering or a disposable mask while on board the ship.

Cruise ships have implemented additional safety measures such as temperature screenings at ports of embarkation and disembarkation, increased cleaning protocols onboard the ship, contactless payments for onboard purchases, and more. These additional measures are designed to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 while still allowing people to enjoy their vacation.


In conclusion, it is recommended that all passengers wear a mask while on board a cruise ship during the Covid-19 pandemic. This helps protect passengers from potential exposure to Covid-19 as well as other viruses and illnesses that may be present aboard the ship. Additionally, these safety measures help ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy throughout their vacation.