Does American Express Business Card Have Travel Insurance?

By Michael Ferguson

American Express (Amex) Business Card holders are provided with a range of benefits, including travel insurance. This coverage includes emergency medical and dental services, trip cancellation coverage, lost luggage protection, and more. Amex Business Card holders may also take advantage of special perks such as discounts on car rentals and flights.

Amex’s travel insurance is provided through the American ExpressTravel Protection program. This program provides coverage for medical expenses incurred during trips abroad, as well as reimbursement for certain non-refundable airfare and hotel costs if a trip is canceled due to an unforeseen event. The program also covers legal assistance in case of an accident or injury while traveling.

In addition to travel insurance, Amex Business Card holders are eligible for access to the Global Assist Hotline. This hotline provides assistance with lost or stolen passports and other important travel documents, translation services, medical referrals, and more. Cardholders can also access concierge services that can help book reservations or arrange transportation during a trip abroad.

The American ExpressBusiness Platinum Card offers an even higher level of travel benefits than the standard Amex Business Card. This card includes premium benefits such as access to over 1,200 airport lounges worldwide and complimentary upgrades at select hotels. Platinum Card holders are also eligible for up to $500 in airline fee credits each year that can be used toward baggage fees or other incidentals associated with air travel.

Overall, American ExpressBusiness Cards provide excellent travel insurance coverage for frequent travelers. From emergency medical services abroad to lost luggage protection, Amex has you covered when you’re on the road or in the air.

In addition to these benefits, cardholders may take advantage of exclusive discounts on car rentals and flights as well as access to the Global Assist Hotline and concierge services when traveling abroad. Conclusion:
Yes, American Express Business Card does have travel insurance included in its benefits package which offers protection against unexpected events while travelling such as emergency medical expenses and trip cancellation costs amongst other features like discounts on car rentals and flights as well as access to their Global Assist Hotline and concierge services when travelling abroad