Does Barbie Cruise Ship Float?

By Robert Palmer

Does the Barbie Cruise Ship Float?

The Barbie Cruise Ship has become a popular toy for kids of all ages. It’s a miniature replica of a real cruise ship, complete with lifeboats, a pool, and even a mini-casino. But the big question on everyone’s mind is: Does the Barbie Cruise Ship actually float?

The short answer is yes, it does float! It’s made of lightweight plastic and is designed to stay afloat in water.

The ship does require some assembly before use, however, which involves adding some ballast weight to the bottom so it can stay upright and balanced in the water. Once assembled correctly, the cruise ship is quite buoyant and can be used for creative playtime in a bathtub or swimming pool.

In addition to being able to float, the Barbie Cruise Ship also comes equipped with several fun features that make it an even more appealing toy. It has two decks with plenty of room for figures and accessories like beach chairs and lounge chairs.

There’s also an elevator that operates between decks, as well as two lifeboats for emergency situations. For those who want to add some extra fun to their cruise ship playtime, there are also included accessories such as mini-golf clubs and other decorations that can be added to customize the experience even more.

In conclusion, yes – the Barbie Cruise Ship does indeed float! With its lightweight design and included ballast weight it can stay upright in water while its fun features like two decks and an elevator add exciting possibilities for imaginative playtime scenarios. So if you’re looking for an exciting toy that your kid will love playing with in or out of the water, then you should definitely consider picking up a Barbie Cruise Ship today!

Conclusion: The Barbie Cruise Ship does indeed float thanks to its lightweight design and included ballast weight! With plenty of fun features like two decks and an elevator it’s sure to provide hours of creative playtime scenarios both in or out of water – making it an excellent choice for any child who loves imaginative play!