Does Lonely Planet Own Budget Travel?

By Michael Ferguson

Budget travel has been a popular choice for many travelers in recent years. With the rising cost of airfare and other transportation costs, travelers have been looking for ways to save money while still having a great vacation or business trip. This has led to an increase in budget travel companies, such as Lonely Planet and Budget Travel, which offer travelers discounts on airfare, lodging, and other expenses.

But does Lonely Planet actually own Budget Travel? The answer is no. While both companies are focused on helping travelers save money on their trips, they are two separate entities.

Lonely Planet is a well-known publisher of travel guides and books. It was founded in 1972 by Tony Wheeler and Maureen Wheeler in Australia with the mission of providing “inspiration and information for independent travelers”. They publish guidebooks, maps, hotel and restaurant reviews, travel advice columns and more that are geared towards budget-minded adventurers who want to explore the world without breaking the bank.

Budget Travel is an online travel agency that focuses on helping people find deals on flights, hotels, car rentals and more. They specialize in providing discounts to customers who book their trips through their website or app. They also offer vacation packages that bundle flights, hotels and car rentals together at discounted prices so customers can get the most out of their budget-friendly getaway.

Although Lonely Planet does not own Budget Travel, they do have some content partnerships with them that allow them to share exclusive deals with their readers so they can get even more savings when booking their trips through Budget Travel’s website or app.

In conclusion, despite having some content partnerships between them, Lonely Planet does not own Budget Travel. Both companies are dedicated to helping travelers save money while still having a great time exploring new places around the world.