Does REI Rent Backpacking Equipment?

By Anna Duncan

REI is one of the leading outdoor gear and equipment suppliers in the world. With a wide variety of backpacking equipment available, it’s no surprise that many people often wonder if REI offers rental options for these items.

The good news is that REI does indeed rent backpacking equipment. The store offers an extensive selection of gear from tents and sleeping bags to stoves and dehydrated meals. All of these items are available for rent at select REI stores across the country, and you can reserve most items online ahead of time for your convenience.

In addition to renting backpacking equipment, REI also offers a wide range of other services to make your outdoor experience even better. You can sign up for classes to learn how to use different types of camping gear, or you can take advantage of their free gear repair services if something breaks while you’re out in the wilderness. The store also runs seasonal camping events so you can meet like-minded adventurers in your area and share stories over a campfire meal.

When it comes to renting backpacking equipment from REI, the process is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is visit an REI store or the website, find the item you need, select your rental period and then pay for it with either cash or credit card. Depending on which item(s) you choose, there may be restrictions on how long they can be rented out as well as extra fees for additional days or other services.

Conclusion: Does REI Rent Backpacking Equipment? Absolutely! REI offers an extensive selection of backpacking equipment that can be rented from select stores across the US or reserved online ahead of time. Not only does this make it easier for outdoor adventurers to get their hands on high-quality gear without breaking the bank, but they also have access to helpful services such as classes and free repairs so they can enjoy their trips even more.