Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheik

Four Seasons Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. If I see the words ‘Four Seasons Resort’, I know I will like it. Yes, the Four Seasons brand is expensive, but worth it. The service is impeccable, the staff professional and polite. A Four Seasons stay is a special treat from the moment you arrive in the impressive tree lined driveway.

PHOTO: Driveway at Four Seasons Resort, Sharm El Sheikh

Look forward to enjoying the most beautiful resort, set in magnificent gardens with views of the Red Sea. This is the reason I wanted to come to Sharm El Sheikh. The Red Sea diving and snorkelling is world famous with Ras Mohammed National park to the south. Near the resort are ship wrecks and the most stunning coral reefs with 2,000 varieties of fish.

PHOTO: Four Seasons Resort, Sharm El Sheikh

There is a stunning house reef, teeming with fish and the most beautiful coral. I swim and snorkel all over the world and the Red Sea is in my Top 3 best destinations for magnificent diving.

PHOTO: Residences at Four Seasons Resort, Sharm El Sheikh

We stayed in a private 2 bedroom Residence. The private residences and villas are set on one side and the hotel rooms and suites on the other. Beautiful bedrooms leading onto large terraces overlooking the sea and magnificent gardens.

PHOTO: 1 of our 2 bedrooms in the residence at Four Seasons Sharm el Sheikh

Our residence also had a dressing room and two large bathrooms with gorgeous marble bath and showers. We especially loved the living room with a small kitchen, leading out onto a terrace with sea views.

PHOTO: Living Room and kitchen at Four Seasons Resort

The resort is huge too. It was very quiet when we were there in early December, which suited us perfectly! A little railway takes you down to the pool area, beach and dive centre.

PHOTO: A little railway takes you down the pool and beach

We spent most of our time swimming and snorkelling and going out on the boat to the ship wrecks and coral Reefs. However, there was a lovely residents pool, just for the residences and another pool for everyone.

PHOTO: Four Seasons Resort Hotel Pool

Restaurants At Four Seasons Resort Hotel:

There is a good choice of restaurants here. Although, I cannot give you much information because we cooked our own breakfast and enjoyed our private Residence Terrace for breakfast!

Waha Pool Bar and Restaurant:

We enjoyed a delicious lunch in the glamorous setting of Waha Pool Bar overlooking the stunning pool. The staff were super efficient and friendly and the food good. Perfect setting for a relaxing, laid back lunch.

PHOTO: Lunch at Waha Pool Bar and Restaurant

Choose between Sails Asian Food Lounge, jus the most beautiful setting by the sea, Reef Grill and Il Frantoio Italian Restaurant. Il Frantoio was closed during our visit but we enjoyed a perfect moonlit dinner at Arabesque.

PHOTO: Arabesque Restaurant

Citadel Lounge is very impressive too. An indoor/outdoor lounge for snacks and cocktails overlooking the sea.

PHOTO: Il Citadel Lounge at Four Seasons Resort

The main building at Four Seasons Resort is stunning. Impressive and enormous Lobby which leads down the Marble stairs to Citadel Lounge and some of the restaurants.

PHOTO: Four Seasons Resort, Sharm El Sheikh

Why visit Sharm El Sheikh? The main reason people come here is for the world famous diving and snorkelling. Some of the best in the world and absolutely not to be missed. Other people come for a relaxing beach holiday or maybe to unwind for a few days at the end of a tour of Egypt.

Sinai Blues Dive Centre:

This is the super professional Dive Centre at the resort. Experienced staff make sure everything is professional and safe for divers and snorkellers.


I was lucky to have a boat, guide and crew all to myself for my snorkel trip. It was everything I hoped for and more. Yacoub the Guide showed me some amazing Reefs all teeming with fish. Such a joy to see so much healthy, live coral. Well done Egypt, other parts of the world need to follow your example!

PHOTO: Yacoub my Snorkelling Guide

I have so much vide footage, I will get around to making a video soon! TIP: Wear a full wetsuit, I did get cold with my cutoff suit.

PHOTO: Yacoub showing me the best spots in the Red Sea

Good quality gear, excellent boat and fantastic crew made for a very enjoyable afternoon. 100% recommended if you are a Diver or Snorkeller. However, you do not have to take out a boat. The house Reef is right off the beach and stunningly beautiful with lots of fish.

PHOTO: Sinai Blues Dive Centre

What to Do in Sharm El Sheikh?

The Resort has everything you need. Soho Square is within walking distance and is a big square with shops, supermarket, restaurants, pub and cafes. This serves the other hotels nearby and was full of mostly Russian visitors. We were slightly underwhelmed by Soho Square! Although it was useful for supplies as we were cooking in our Residence sometimes.

Sharm El Sheikh is a 10/15 minute drive away. It was originally a fishing village then a Naval base for the Egyptian navy. Occupied by Israel during the Suez crisis in 1956 but returned to Egypt in 1957. Now, it is a small town with a magnificent Mosque at the centre, Al Sahaba Mosque. The mosque was built by the Egyptian army and is stunning and is big enough for 3,000 worshippers.


The Mosque is set in a square with shops and restaurants and a large garden area in the middle. Sharm El Sheikh is where you will find countless souvenir shops, a market for your fruit and vegetables, restaurants, Cafes and Spice Shops. My advice to Sharm El Sheikh shops? Sell some more up market things to buy! There is too much cheap tourist tat.

We bought some Spices, souvenirs and Kaftans. Always support the local people we say!

PHOTO: Shopping in Sharm El Sheikh

Will I revisit Sharm el Sheikh?

One visit to Sharm El Sheikh old town was enough for us, it was enjoyable to visit the old town and mosque but there is not much else to do. What else to do in the area? You can take a boat to Jordan (2 hours by boat), day trips to the Burning Bush, drive a 4 x 4 out to the desert. Day trips to Cairo and the Valley of the Kings are possible but not practical as it is such a long journey. Better to stay in Hurghada if you want to be nearer to Cairo and Luxor.

Sharm El Sheikh is a great place to visit for some rest and relaxation and to enjoy the incredible Sea life. Would I go back? Definitely! BUT only to stay at the Four Seasons Resort and enjoy the glorious climate and amazing diving and snorkelling. I did not see any other hotels that I would want to visit to be perfectly honest.

Sharm El Sheikh has been badly affected by the cancellation of all British planes following the terrorist attack on the Russian Charter flight a few years ago. Hopefully, once the UK charter flights get going, things will get back to normal.

How did we get there?

Direct flights from the UK have restarted now, so look out for some flight bargains. We visited BEFORE the direct flights stated and so flew via Istanbul, which was not ideal and made the journey longer.

PHOTO: Sunrise at Four Seasons Resort, Sharm El Sheikh
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